Help stem broke!!!!!

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  1. I have a 4 inch sprout and the stem broke in half due to my cat :mad: I don't have any rooting hormone or anything and i just put it in a small amount of water. It broke about an inch above the soil and it SEEMS to be doin fine, its still growing and the set of leaves after the embryonics are startin to grow out. What should i do?? just let it do its thing and see if itll make it??
  2. all ya can do..i'm rootin' for ya....hope the plant will:p..cats plus plants equals fucked up plants;)
  3. Read the cloning thread. Try to prepare the plant like a clone as much as possible. Go buy a little air pump, and an airstone (Petco makes a store brand one for like $12, comes with airstone and tubing) and add that to your water reservoir. Try to seal out the light, from the new "root zone" as much as possible, and pray! =)

    These plants are tremendously adaptable, you may be just fine.

    Just an FYI, my cats LOVE plants, and when I say love, I mean LOVE. They will lay on them, roll on them, play with them, eat them, tear them up... all out of love. One of mine waits for fan leaves to play with everytime I prune mine from the grow tent. =)

    Good luck!
  4. ALWAYS the cats. I havent even let my cats see my plants. Just so they dont get any bright ideas...
  5. You could cut a straw in half place it around the stem with the plant standing and push the bottom of the straw into the soil a bit. This will keep it upright and absorbing as much nutrients it can through the stem without it being pinched in half.

    Or tie a few strings to the lip of the pot its in and adjust them so the plant is in the middle, than she can just lean against those strings.

    I was trying to pull mine apart to make it bushier instead of taller and I broke the main stem in half (over half an inch thick) I poured water on it, left it alone and its grown crazy, that break didnt stop it at all. You may not have any issues! (I worry though because you say its so young the stem may not be thick enough to keep pulling nutrients through)
  6. It seems to be doin fine in the water, its been like 2 days now since its been attacked lol S i think imma replant it now and hope for the best that it reroots. I might try the straw method to give it some sorta support. Thanks for the fast replies too!
  7. home depot sells a root hormone for 6$ i know cuz i work there
    just for future reference or cat attacks
  8. Just stick a toothpick next to it to keep it straight. It'll be fine. I've split plants down the middle of the main stalk a week into 12/12 and used zip ties and duct tape to fix em.

    Just keep it alive man and it'll eventually get you high. Best of luck.

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