Help? Spots On My Leaves?

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  1. hey guys i know its prolly a easy fix, but it scared the shit out of me
    i moved my plant from a red cup to the pot and put it under some more light . (1 6300k cfl to a 4 bulb 6300k clf ) and i think thats what did it. to much light on a new plant. so i stuck it back under the one and it looks likes its healing some. im just making sure im doing it ok and saving the plant, so if anyone can guide me. much appreciated...


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    any pests or bugs on this plant of any kind? Looks like somethings eating away at the outside of the leaf... im not sure though,
  3. have you checked ph levls lately? buy yeah the light may have been to warm is it to hott to hold you hand under?
  4. no bugs or pests. rooms been cleaned. and we keep everything out of there. and not to warm, since i've brought it back under one, it still is the same color on the leaf. but it seems to be not hurting. and up and going again. when i had it under the 4 bulb. it looked like something just kicked its ass.
    is it a water problem? i feel like i water it everyday and might over due it so ima hold off on some todayy. but im just scared not to have enough
  5. umm so question?? i looked the other day and this is the first i can post about this. but
    are these nodes or what ever??? please dont let my plant be male :(

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  6. you should check out the sticky how to tell if your plant is male or female.
  7. i think they are nodes. but i think its to early. i checked out a sticky and im a newbie but i think i have a hermi. idk im going to keep an eye on them for sure. and i just put them on 4 tube cfl.for more light. i want these babys to be feed with some light!!
  8. Are you in flower cycle yet or are they autos
  9. That plant is not showing any sex yet at all
  10. thats why i told op to read the sticky. every plant has nodes lol.....
  11. oh shit i'd quote the guy above me but idk how.
    but ok i read asticky but it didnt say anything about nodes that i saw, but damn thats
    a bet that all plants have nodes. i was about to shit a brick if i had a male :(
    and no autos, just randoms from baggies, mainly for practice. and not even flower yet
    only a few weeks old. still a baby :D
  12. That don't look like a light problem, if it was to much light it would have a bleached or burnt look to it. Are you feeding any nutes yet and or does your soil have nutes in it and if so what soil.
  13. you wont really know sex until you switch to 12/12 and then it'll take about 2weeks or so depending on strain. Good idea to start with bagseed this is what I've done really would of stabbed myself with a rusty knife if I was using a 10£ seed and fucked it up lol
  14. thats what i was thinking. i was like ima screw up and suck. might as well start with dirt seeds from dirt weed :D
    and i think after a while ima clone the plant or a few leafs so i can learn cloning as well as learning how to handle more than 1 plant.
    im bout to buy seeds.. i think. any good beginer strains to start with?
  15. ops sorry forgot to answer you. little high
    umm no nutes. and i took it back to the 4 bulb. but raised the 4 bulb to a little less than a foot from the plant.
    and for soil ffof . tap water. and i water it often. but being back under the 4 bubl its helped out alot. one leaf looks
    almost recovered actually. and the other is struggling but looks better.

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