help! somthings eating my plants!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by weedey, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. I have 13 plants groing on the side of my house. theyve only been there for 5 days now and are sprouting their second leaves, but i went to check on them and water them, and somthing is eating the leaves! they were fine yesterday, but today there not. i saw some small greayish white buggs roaming around and one on a leave.
    any suguestions to help save my 1st plants?
  2. HIGH All, before any drastic measures are taken...the identification of the pest would help you out greatly. Then you find out what eradicates the pest.
    See if you can find the unlucky culprit.
  3. while my plants were small i stuck them on the roof of my shed to keep bugs off of them, cause i had leaves getting eaten, or in the case of some of my sprouts the whole thing would get eaten my snails and slugs, but if your plants are bigger i wouldn't recomend putting them on your roof because they will be easier for neighbors to see and will get blown over easier if they are still in smaller containers. sonly thing with the roof is... when i put my plants up there, they just got eaten by squirrels :( hopefully you wont have the same problems i did. good luck with your plants man.

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