help soil smells bad almost moldy like old wet towels

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  1. Im using roots organics full line just re ently one of my pits smells and seems to be holding water is this root rott?? The plant is two weeks from finishing but looks very healthy n happy sum yellowing n drying up of a few lower leaves "normal i assume" but the smell is it just the combination of a few strands all stinking together? " have three diff strands 4-5-6 weeks into bloom all unknown but high quality
  2. i dont think weed should create a mildew smell in your room, no matter what combination of strains you have. that smell is a mold or mildew, which may be growing on your plants......we wont know without pics.

    heres the best advice i can give you:
    -thoroughly clean your grow area with bleach immediately.
    -thoroughly clean your grow area with bleach again after you harvest.
    -never use roots organic soils again. ive seen bags of it at numerous different grow stores just sitting in corners with a cloud of fungus gnats hovering above.

  3. Ew, a cloud of fungus gnats. Selling that shit is beneficial for the grow stores in 2 ways. They can make an exorbitant amount of money off of over pricing the soil in the first place, than they can make an exorbitant amount of money off you coming back and buying the shit to kill the gnats they gave you in the first place.

    I had a similar running in with getting medicinal clones from a cg at a local grow store. Shit was infested with mites which in turn infested my crop. Before, when I didn't know any better, I turned to the store to spend stupid amounts of money on products to get rid of the mites.

    Good luck with the smell
  4. word

  5. No in using their liquid line im using sunshine advance #4 soil with worm castings and coco substrate and thanks for the advice definatly no mold on flowers i removed the plant the oder was comming from and light bleach solutioned all surfaces i hope it works out thanks a lot
    Also what do u recomend for organic liquids if roots liquids are no good?? I have had alot of success and it was recommended by sum good sources??
  6. There are liquid products that will work. However there are much better (cheaper, better results) ways to grow.

    The bottled nute growing is a particular paradigm. There are a few different organic paradigms practiced here in this forum. Some require a very extensive set up, but with few if any feeds needed during the grow cycle. Others use a basic soil with organic feeds during the grow cycle.

    If you are interested in growing in a way that doesn't require expensive bottled nutes, ask around and read some of the stickies here. :)

    And yes, many of us here don't have much respect for grow shops and the people who operate them. Shysters.
  7. Ok i have thoroughly checkef the plant smell is definatly comming from the buds but if u touch them n smell ur finger its a lemony stank i had another local grower come investigate with me and there is absolutly mo mold or any fungal growth present i was told to put it back and let it finish its smell is very odd but im told its not mold or mildew it would be visible and the plant is healthy humidity never hits 45% in bloom and no other plants smell they touch eachother alot i dont kno i clipped a bud dried it in dehumidifier smoked it smelled it inspected it and the smell was not there anymore i dont know it must just be the strand
  8. It might be just an odd smell that reminds you of wet towels, so that is what your mind decided it is. Happens a lot.

    For instance the diesel strains don't really smell like diesel, but that is what it reminds people of.

    Do keep a close eye on your buds for mold (remove buds/plant immediately if you find any) and keep your humidity low.
  9. Strand = single part of a rope - ie: "it took 50 strands of twine to make this piece of rope" or, "some of the strands of the rope were cut".

    A STRAIN is a variety of weed.

    Strain - not strand.

    Sorry, that kills me every time I hear it *lol*



  10. You do know what a forest compost or forest duff smells like? The smell you have sounds normal, unless it's really rank. You get this smell right after watering. The reason is water forces out gasses in the soil. I'm not completely sure were on the same page, but I like rich earthy smells, but that's just me.

    And plants at the end of their cycle do use less water. Their metabolism slows so they need less water and nutrients (just like grandpa eats less).

    And as always the proof is in the pudding, if the plants look healthy, I bet they are happy.....MIW

  11. Brilliant. I had forgotten all about water pushing stale gases out of the soil.
  12. Yeah thats it and i think i was overwatering now im watering 300 ml everyother day as long as plant is absorbing. And yes strain not strand i was typing fast word predict does it who cares anyway u kno what i meant. Thanks for all the input people i appreciate all of it misspelled or not lol...
  13. Don't overwater. That's a killer. Lift your pots every day. You'll soon learn the weight differences. The pots should be much lighter when you are watering, as compared to when they have been freshly watered.

    As you are getting a feel for weight, push your finger tip into the soil so you can feel the correlation between soil texture, weight and watering.
  14. I have a handy tool I use for watering. ACCURATE 8 SOIL PH AND MOISTURE METER: Patio, Lawn & Garden
    A while back I had a soil mix that had too much compost. The soil was muddy and took forever to dry. I bought the moisture meter to help me finesse a decent grow. I still use it and have found it helpfull. In a grow cycle water usage ebbs and flows. Plants start off slow, speed up, then water usage fades around 6 weeks in flower, but it does vary by variety. Right now I have an indica and a sativa in a grow box that act a lot differently in water usage. Knowing this is helpfull to the plants and to prevent problems like fungus gnats from over watering.

    I think we all know it's helpfull to have a wet then dry cycle, and knowing when to water is important. For me in 7 gallon pots i water every 3-5 days. In my grow lifting pots is out of the question, so the meter is a useful tool. It also is a ph meter, but I have no opinion on if it is effective in that regard, since I rarely look anymore. It usually starts off around 6.5 and ends around 6.8. Watching the ph is not that exiting though, lol. ........MIW
  15. Seems like you have the issue dialed in but I'll add my 02 also if you dont mind. I had this exact same issue going on with one of my clones mothers last year. The smell was just like a wet towel as you described. I had been watering her a few times a week instead of the normal every 4-5 days because it was so hot in the house at the time. I ended up having to let the soil dry out for over a week to the point of the leaves wilting. Then I watered just a little bit and let it dry out again. After that, the smell went away. After that I just watered her as she needed it (I used the knuckle method). I hope this helps.
  16. budrot- the arch nemesis of the pot grower. If your plants smell moldy check them thoroughly for mold.

    make sure you man handle the buds and move every bud apart from the others with your fingers so you can see through to the main stalk. if there are any buds that look white and are wet, on the inside of the cola's you want to pick these undeveloped pockets of moisture out of the cola. if it goes unchecked their color will change from white to gray, yellow or tan, and this will spread across your plant, even when it's harvested, dried, and jarred it will continue spreading. If a jar of weed ever smells moldy discard it. make sure you have adequate ventilation, air circulation, and the air is circulating between the buds on your plant, if you have to remove the inner buds to do so then be it.

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