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  1. I currently have a tool-kit with all the sizes of socket wrenches I need. I was wondering what size I should use. I also was wondering what size would be the best for a homemade screen. I cannot use
    A. Faucet screen
    B. Anything that involves going to a headshop/any shop
    So basically I need an array of homemade things that I could use for a screen. Also, please nothing that releases any dangerous chemicals.
  2. Smoke some weed and use your imagination.
  3. The size of socket you use in a homemade depends how thick your tube is
  4. use foil as a screen u shouldnt have any problems with bad chemicals as long as the foli doesnt get burnt which wont usually happen and after a while it gets reasonated enough so it wont happen. i would use a socket wrench that fits your tube nicely but also has alot of room for a big or decent sized bowl
  5. So, what is the difference from tin foil and aluminum foil. Which is the most unhealthy?
  6. well i would use tin foil because its somewhat safer.. another idea is to just use a soda can those are easy to make :) but any type of foil is ok as long as u use a regular light because anything else will vape it and realease the bad chemicals
  7. Will this work alright?
    A 9mm wrench socket set up to the bottom of a metal pen. THE METAL PEN HAS THE POINTED END but no actual ink cartridge or actual pen point. Its a hollow point. Will that mess it up? Should I do all I can to remove the pointed end?
  8. This is what I made a while back...

  9. Thanks for the fast post but I think I may be misunderstanding... I was going to do this

    9mm to metal pen
    then stick the metal pen in the side of lets say a Gatorade bottle and use the drinks mouth as a mouthpiece... So why would I block the hole at the other end?

    ALSO WHAT DID YOU USE FOR A SCREEN? (MY stuff is grinded pretty small)
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    Nooo, i didn't block the hole at the other end, there was a third hole in the tube that was used for a pocket clip, thats what i blocked.

    &if you want to smoke out of a bottle without water (not a bong) you could make a steam roller, you wouldn't even need the pen piece.

    Just poke a hole in the side of the water bottle, stick the socket in there and fill in the holes with chewed gum.

    then make another hole where your finger would lay naturally, and use that as a carb.

    you could get some foil, and poke some small holes in it with a toothpick/needle.

    Or some sink faucets have screens in them that you could take in use.
  11. I guess ill give you as much info as i can.

    • Use the screen from your window for a screen. just nip a corner.
    • If youre making a pipe out of a marker, use whatever fits WELL.
    • If its with a pen as a downstem for a bong, use whatever fits snugly.
    • Better safe then sorry, dont use foil.
    • Use as little plastic as you can.
    • Heat up your screen, basically ALL of your metal components before use. this will release ALL toxins at once.
  12. Well, I could use water but I don't fully grasp how to do that?
    I think its like this http://www.grand-illusions.com/acatalog/metal_pen.jpg
    but I don't understand how the smoke goes from the top through the water? Like what force is pulling it DOWN through the water then up to where I can inhale it?
  13. Thank you very much for this I will try to follow by these.
  14. oh and also, gtfo GC dude! why cant you go into a headshop? are you UNDERAGE?:rolleyes:

    i'm just busting your balls, i was afraid of headshops for a while, i didnt like going in. and if oyu have the rep of a buisnessman, or anything other than a stoner, or don't want to be seen in a headshop, its cool.
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S588gCZO1o]YouTube - How to Make a Water Bong[/ame]

    BTW, If you don't even know how a bong works, I suggest you find someone who's been smoking for a while to teach you the basics...
  16. no problem dude, i still smoke out of homemades sometimes. like my "party bong". its like a homemade hookah.
  17. To be honest my starting into the fun of mary has not been well. For the first time I went to buy a supply not even a big one from a local shop and everything went wrong... I was just gonna buy a pack of lighters and when I took it to the check out counter the lady pressed some button then I saw a pop-up on her computer that said "MESSAGE SENT" then she asked me if she could see my ID. Then I heard some other worker say "WHATS WRONG" and I was like just put it back and walked away. This was at a target... But seriously since when do you need an ID to buy a pack of lighters. FUCK YOU TARGET.
  18. Woo! Just made a copy of the thing in the video took it for a test run and it was nice. It made me cough suprisingly I usually never cough but I usually don't use a bong. But that could be credited to that fact that its older weed.

  19. .....Since probably the 70s? its got butane in it! Of course you have to be 18. Why would it matter if they carded you?

    This kid has got to be underage.:devious:

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