Help! Slightly Brown Edges and Upward Pointing Leaves...

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  1. Hey everybody,

    First time grower and I have 2 feminized B-52’s and 2 White Widows going strong so far. This is the 5th week of my grow and so far it has been great. I’m in Flagstaff, AZ and them outdoors. The climate was pretty tricky at the start but I am lucky to be able to bring into garage or sun room at nig to when it has been around the low 30’s. I started them out as seedlings and have progressed to 16 inch pots. I used a mixture of pre made soil & compost. To date I haven’t major problems. I figured out my ph was out of whack a little, at just above 7.0, but have since been making sure my water is around 6.5 when I do water or feed. I use Reefertilizer and just started my first week of Grow Stage nutes (20-5-10). I just fed them a dose of 1/2 teaspoon in 1 L of water yesterday after I Fimmed them for the first cut. They reacted great yesterday but today I noticed this brown along a few leaves of 3 of my girls. It’s not along every leaf, only a few but still a red flag. The leaves have been pointed straight edged upward, not flimsily or hanging, but strong, straight and upward.

    I measured the ph and it’s around high 6. The moisture is moist at least 3-4 inches deep and not too dry at the surface. I can’t imagine they need more water but maybe I over watered during feeding, I added a little ph balanced water before feeding them to ensure the soil soaked and absorbed the nutes. I read online and think it could be over heating but o know they need a lot of sun. They sit in a spot that allows the to receive sunlight from about sunrise to sunset. So far no obvious signs of problems with light or temp so I don’t think that could be it. Don’t think it’s root rot, but I also hope it’s not...

    Anyways looking for some friendly help to ensure I save these girls.

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  2. Most of your plants look very good.
    Some plants are more susceptible to fertilizer burn than others.
    Those orange leaf serrations probably belong to a nute sensitive plant.
    If they get worse, back off on fertilizer.
    The other spots on the leaves are probably nute splashes.

    Most first time growers would be lucky to have plants as good looking as yours.
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  3. Wild Bill,

    Awesome, thanks man! I appreciate the insight and kind thoughts. I have put more time than I probably would have liked but with all the down time it’s been nice. Been worrying about them, so thank you. The Nute splash could be some of the marks as that would make sense but I will definitely watch for nite burn going forward.

    Planning on letting them absorb the water and dry out more before watering next. Plan on gym pm feeding again next Thursday if all signs are good.

    Any advice for a water schedule? That has been tricky for me to figure out.
  4. Sorry I'm a hydro grower who has no clue about soil.

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