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Help: Seeds from Barney's Farm to the USA

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hemp4Victory, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So here's the story. My friend and I spent about two weeks in Amsterdam. Our first time, it was absoloutely incredible. Pure cones (in the US: a cone shaped joint. A joint in Amsterdam has tobacco) every morning and all through the day. So I've been growing now for about a year, and one of my favorite strains to grow is Barney's Farm L.S.D. It's portent, smells beautiful, and tastes great as well. I've been cloning from clones I took from the original seed mother, but I wanted to have some fresh genes as I plan to switch over to a current culture (under-current) system. So my plan was to grab 5 seeds from the bank in Amsterdam, and then 5 Colombian Gold seeds from Green House (another favorite). Well, when we finally got around to going to the seed banks, I gave in to temptation and bought a whole mess of seeds. Green House didn't have any C. Gold, but Barney's had everything and more. So here is a list of the seeds I grabbed:
    5 L.S.D.
    3 Pineapple Express
    5 Dr. Grinspoon
    5 Red Dragon
    5 Tangerine Dream
    I tried the bud from the coffeshop of each of these except Red Dragon, Pineapple Express, and L.S.D. I knew I loved L.S.D. so that was a no brainer, Red Dragon just to mix things up, and I tried one of the strains used to make Pineapple Express: Pineapple Chunk. Pineapple Chunk was incredible, earthy and sweet with a little bit of a spicey note that comes off the back of pallete, yummy! Tangerine Dream definitely deserved it's cup, in my opinion - just one you have to try for yourself. Dr. Grinspoon: Some love it, some hate it. It's not really 'bud' in the traditional sense, rather tons of swollen calyxes strung along a stem, both, however, were absoloutely coated in trichomes. Brilliant aroma and taste with great potency and a total head high (my fav). I've never been so happy to smoke stems, hahaha. I also stopped by a Head-Shop and picked up 5 Peyote Button and 5 San Pedro Cacti seeds. So here is where it gets tricky:
    We cannot mail these back to ourselves - we are leaving on the 12th first from Lyon St. Exupery airport (we got from Amsterdam to Grenoble) to Heathrow, then from Heatrow back to Seattle (represent!). So our options are put them in our checked luggage, have them on our person, or put them in our carry on. I'm not going to put the seeds in a bag of trail mix because I need to have them individually wrapped by strain to be able to identify them before I germinate them. So I put each strain of seed from it's original Barney's Farm cardboad/plastic container into a ziploc bag, from there I pushed them into the corner of the ziploc and burnt around them to form a small triangle about the size of a quarter or smaller. I labeled each triangle and put them all into a larger triangle, about the size of two quarters (quarters like the American currency - to clarify). So here are my questions:
    1) Should I keep this larger triangle with all the smaller packaged seeds on my person? If so, where (pocket, underwear, socks) or
    2) Should I put this in my carry-on? If so, should I: Take the battery out of my cell phone and replace it with the triangle, place it in a coat in my carry-on, or just put it anywhere in there? or
    3) Should I check them? If I do - will the extremely cold temperatures in the hold wreck either the seeds or the genetics? or
    4) Shoud I not have them in one larger triangle or rather have the smaller triangles in one of the places I've mentioned?
    P.S. I WILL NOT MULE THESE. I'd be fine stashing them behind my junk or in between my cheeks, but I'm not down with putting them up anywhere or swallowing them.
    Thanks for all your help in advance!
  2. did you try it?
  3. It should be fine in your pocket. If your sketched out tape em to your leg or put em in your draws where you balls are.
  4. So youve been on this forum for nearly 1.5 years and this is your first post? Okaayy
  5. strong 4 month bump
  6. Snip a tiny hole in the hem of your T-shirt pop some seeds in there, do the same on the sleeves and neck. Just make the hole small and push the seeds far back so they don't fall out. Remember where you put each strain.

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