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  1. i have 21 white widow x big bud plants going in a 7ft by 7ft by 7 ft grow tent 600 hps mh lights i want opinions on nutes to use during veg and when should i give nutes.... ps i just transplanted to five gallon buckets today help please
  2. lemme get this straight.

    you are trying to grow 21 plants, with a single 600w HPS light? i highly suggest that you get more than that.......

    as for nutes, i love the foxfarm trio, and the cha-ching from their other line.

    big bloom and grow big for veg, big bloom, tiger bloom, cha ching in flower.
  3. if i keep just one light what will be the problem?? my tent is highly reflective also but all opinions are listened to so help me
  4. also when should i introduce nutes?
  5. it maybe be fine for veg, who knows ... but there is no way a 600w HPS light can properly give 21 plants the light they need to produce their potential.

    im not sure how many lumens a 600w hps has, but lumens are the energy that the plants absorb. say it gives off 21,000 lumens, then each plant can only get 1000 lumens. if it receives more, than aother plant will be getting LESS, then 1000 lumens.

    if you cut your plant number in half, or you double your lights, each plant would then be getting 2000 lumens a piece.

    it doesnt matter how highly reflective your tent is ... that doesnt change the ammount of lumens a 600w HPS light puts out. I'm sayign that the lumens a 600w produces, will not be significant enough to grow 21 plants to their potential.


    as for wehn to inroduce nutes? i go at week 2-week 3 .. start at 1/4 strength, next time 1/2, then full
  6. pictures of my tent and just transplanted babies

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  7. like i said, you may be able to veg them with that, but even that is pushing it. you will be dissapointed come flowering
  8. how much you think i could yield honestly?
  9. don't be afraid to put two plants of the same straun in 1 bucket, I may only recommend this from clones cut from the same mother. I have to pre 98s sharing a 5 gal dwc, the tall ones looking like about a half pound on it, the smaller 1 maybe 3 ounces. I do think 21 plants for 600 watts is a little much. I had 8 going with the 400 and 3 weeks into flowering I upgraded to 1000 watt out of necessity. Also, I believe that lumens can be shared, and are not absorbed by a single plant. But that is a much more scientific debate. you might have better luck with a scrog or a mini grow if you insist on keeping all 21 plants. Good luck.
  10. thats a ridiculous question, theres so many variables.

    but i can tell you that adding another light would double your yield.
  11. If you had optimum conditions a gram a watt is possible but I don't think light deficient plants will produce that. It's assumable that half your babies will be boys unless they are fem seeds so that brings you to ten plants. That maybe more realistic, but if I were you I would put no more than 6 of my strongest flowering plants under a 600w. Good luck!
  12. ok thanks for the insight..... mini grow? is that flowering really early?
  13. very well put, i completely agree
  14. 100 watts per plant minimum is what I've read.:wave:
  15. all my plants are from seed none clones ph is good and temp is good also air circulation is good i i guess ill get another light or just see how this turns out my 11 tanderine dream plants turned out ok i guess ill post pix of them
  16. Like they said tht light definitely won't be enough man you would probably yeild a very small amount and the plants won't divide the light, it's actually about how much light you can get directly on each plant so all the plants not directly under the light will be vastly smaller and no matter how reflective ur tent is, when they get bushy they'll start to block even more light from each other, you may even see them curve toward the light just to get at tht "hot spot" in the center just tryin to help man I have a 600w and I feel like I can't do more than 4 plants
  17. tanderine dream the only pix i had from flowering

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  18. yes im listening to everyone no doubt its only my second grow and really just learning as i go its a hobby of mine that pays for its self so im okay with anything i can be told to be better at it you know
  19. didnt mean to steal thread but how is maine man? plan on moving in spring auburn area . Is it tough to obtain a mmj card how strict are they on the buddah?
  20. its decriminalized, getting a card is super easy if you have doucmentation to back your claims, only been to auburn a few times, i live in the portland/scarborough area.

    ---- to the OP

    is getting another light not an option? you could have one serious operation if you could get the lights needed to do it/

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