Help Save My Plant!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Doobee, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Need Help!


    This plant seems like it's dieing, I'm close to just throwing it out and giving up. I just added some epsom salts incase it was a magnesium defficiency, temp, ph, and everything seems perfect....What's going on?!

    It's running on a 42w CFL (150w) and has a fan for ventilation​

  2. severe nitrogen toxicity causing the dark green color and "the claw" look to the leaves additionally the extra magnesium may have blocked potassium, which aids in the uptake of water??

    what brand of ferts and at what strenght & frequency?

    flush the plant with PH corrected water to leech out the excess ferts, 3 times the volume of the container
    eg: 1 gallon pot = 3 gallon flush

    or for a faster recovery, if you have some soil left transplant, flush all the old soil from the rootball completely, transplant, add 1 cup of water and leave alone for a week or 2
  3. the curled under leaves may be indicating a sensitivity to a slight fertilizer overdose....then who knows?
  4. I'm using miracle gro moisture control potting mix and vigoro 12-10-5. It was last sprayed wit fert onthe leaves yesterday (thought nutes werent being taken in by roots)

  5. in that case definetley transplant,MG moisture controll is the worst of the all
  6. k well i transplanted to MG organic for tomatoes, a slight upgrade. I have a bigger pot I bought filled with it that I just flushed and waiting to dry. How dry does it need to be before I can transplant it? What can I do speed it up? And what are my chances in saving this plant?


    There are female strings sprouting at branch joints on the top two tiers!!! Must Save!!

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