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  1. Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! I was finally able to start up my second grow in the new house a couple of weeks ago and have had my ups and downs so far. I believe the two plants are relatively stable now, however they aren't thriving and things are growing slowly. Looking for any tips and suggestions as I'm still new to this :)
    Setup: OG Kush on the right and OG Kush/White Widow on the left in this picture. Transplanted on 12/8/2019. DWC/bubbleponics
    5'x5' tent that's 6' tall
    440CFM extraction fan at full blast, intake and exhaust directed at the light hood (non-ducted hood)
    1000 MH turned down to 600W, ~20" away from the top of the plants (I lowered it a bit a few days ago since the "setup" picture)
    2 x 12 gal latching totes holding 5 gallons of nutrient water (RO/DI)
    Dual air stones per tote, running off of a 15L/min 6w airpump at full speed (4 outlets, 2 per tote)
    1 water pump in each tote with dual line top feed. I ran drippers on each line but they were pretty restrictive so I removed them.
    Dual desk fans mounted at the top of the tent to circulate air
    Additional "monkey fan" mounted to the corner of the tent (seen in the setup picture)
    Automatic humidifier added to the tent this week to maintain ~50% humidity (although my hygrometer on the floor says it's around 37%?)​
    Clone Info:
    OG Kush clone was well rooted in soil when I bought it. It was approximately ~1 month old and definitely showed with it's root development.
    OG Kush/White Widow hybrid was younger than it's sibling but still had a decent amount of roots. Purchased in a solo cup as well.
    Both clones removed from solo cup as gently as possible, soaked roots in PH'd water and placed (mostly) clean roots in hydroton filled netpots.​
    Using RO/DI water kept at a PH of 5.8.
    First week I gave them both the same nutrient potency listed below (mixed in that order). I started noticing that the OG Kush had a pest problem (likely spider mites) with white dots under the leaves and some were starting to move. I treated them both with Fox Farms Force of Nature and within a few days had no more issues. Top feed was running every 2 hours for 15 min each with the lights on for 18 hours.
    Topped the OG Kush plant and it seemed to respond well.
    5ml/gal Calimagic
    General Hydroponics Flora Trio Flora Micro, Bloom and Gro 1/4 tsp/gal
    2ml/gal hydroguard.
    Second Week I bumped up the nutrients per the feeding schedule I was following to 1/2 tsp/gal of the GH flora trio. Nothing else was changed but I was getting browning on some fan leaves on one plant in particular. It's possible this was due to increasing the light output to 1000W a few days before the reservoir change, so I backed it off to 600w once again. Some people suggested on my post in r/microgrowery that it was also facing a calcium/magnesium toxicity so I brought the Calimagic down to 3 ml/gal on the hybrid clone only. The OG Kush clone didn't see this sort of issue.
    It's likely this was the culprit since the new growth looks relatively healthy, but now I am seeing clawed tips downwards which I'm thinking is wind burn or nitrogen toxicity?
    TDS of the OG Kush is around 750ppm and OG/WW is hovering around 620ppm.​
    After all of these hiccups, the plants seem to be doing okay, but I have yet to get any roots to pop through the netpot and reach for the water. I reduced the top feed schedule to every 6 hours for 15 min each in the hopes it will force the roots to search for water instead of being content in the hydroton? The OG/WW bucket sometimes gets a bit grimey but i'm using hydroguard which should prevent root rot. I think it's from the less than perfectly cleaned hydroton but i'm willing to run a H202 flush to make sure. Reservoir temps never exceed 73/74 degrees F.

    All feedback and criticism is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
    Here are the latest pictures of the plants.

  2. Cut the nutes down to 300ppm mate. Ph 5.7 and let it drift up to 6.3-6.5 before you fix it.
    Don’t use bleachers with hydro guard. The hg should do the job just fine by itself and the bleachers will kill the hg.
    Get the lights about 30inches from the canopy and make sure there’s wind blowing over them.
    something smaller for the first couple weeks is better. 600w is a fuck load for a seedling.
  3. I was about to say something similar.
    Fertilizer is poison at too high concentrations.
  4. Aye mate, I don’t know how the nute companies get away with it.
    It’s them and their ridiculous feeding charts that cause so many folk to over feed.
  5. Thanks I will try that! Think it's just too much nutrients at this stage in the game? I can drop down to around 300ppm like the first week and see how it does.
  6. I've had successful hydro grows without ever going above EC = 0.7 (ppm500 = 350).
    Our weeds can survive on very little.

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