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  1. I'm at home depot right now with my mom.. no cfl here but they have this philips plant light 120 watts doesn't say lumens is that good??
  2. after 5 days of not sprouting I dug up the seedling and they barely grew, they were really deep inside the soil. the root was long as hell for a some, and really curved. I placed the seedlings near the surface so only the cracked seed and a bit of the root shows. do you think they can still survive??
  3. if you didn't damage the roots, they can, but what I just learned is do not let them out in the heat and bright light until they are have pushed up out of it themselves. this is how i got mine burnt to death. heh.
  4. Is your mom buying your grow setup?

    Impossible that Home Depot has no cfl's.

    If that Philips grow light is incandesent (looks like a standard spotlight or floodlight) then it's not going to do much.
  5. ok they had cfls in home depot but the guy didnt know what i was talking about when i said cfl. i later realized its those spiral bulbs -_- yea the bulb looks like those wide flood lights. how can it not do much.. isnt that the whole point of the grow light? specifically made for plants lol

  6. Actually, they are marketed and sold to be specifically for plants, there is a distinction. ; -)

    They don't have a great spectrum for MJ but more importantly put out too much heat.
  7. yea i noticed the heat thing so i couldnt use the foil box anymore. i just hang the light over it in the corner of the room. so youre saying cfl lights dont produce a lot of heat.. aww man i fucked this one up big time :(
  8. ^ Why? CFL's are cheap and, unless you are getting 'em industrial sized, work in a standard household socket. Take the Philps back to the store. If you can't then you spent maybe $10 on your first grow to learn a valuable lesson. I overspent by a lot more than that making a few wrong turns along the way!

    Lumen for lumen, cfl's represent by far the lowest heat lighting for MJ grow.
  9. well I'm saying it may be too late because my only plant left might die soon.. I can't tell there's 2 little leaves and one is really curved down. the stem is a dull brownish color. I might be able to get the cfl tomorrow but the plant might die by then. the damn plant light is really hot and it dries out the soil really fast, even though its like 2 feet away.

    edit: wow, this plant is playing games with my head. this time I know it definetly straightened out its stem. it keeps bending over a bit and then erecting. I can't even tell which factor is making this happen.. either because I moved it farther away from the light or because I watered it that its standing stiff. who knows??
  10. You could have been underwatering, especially in light of the soil drying out so fast.

    There is a lot of warning to beginners about overwatering and how common it is, and I think because of that many newbs overcompensate the other way. They see their seedling having problems and cut back right away on water -- when lack of water may have been the problem to begin with. If the plant seems to go in cycles of looking good and withering, and the looking good part is always 12-24 hours after watering, then the withering very well could be the signal that the next watering is overdue.

    To explain this: remember from 9th grade biology that plants stand up and get firm from watering due to what is known as turgor pressure (or osmotic pressure), which basically is the effect of the membrane covering individual plant cells being differentially permeable to water. What this means is that when the interior pressure of the cell is lower than the outside pressure (the plant is thirsty), water passes through the membrane into the cell, swelling it. As all the cells in the plant swell they make the whole plant firmer so that the stems stand up straighter and the leaves fan out and uncurl.

    Young plants in small pots will need watering more often than more mature plants in bigger pots. You don't want to encourage root rot or stunted root growth, but neither do you want to deprive your plant of water when it needs it.
  11. yeppppppp underwatering was definetly the case here. except instead of the plant stemming straight 12 hours later, it does it 15 minutes later. I don't know how that works but I'm happy to have found the problem. thanks for the help toast, smoke on!

    p.s. I would've included nice pics but my computer keeps restarting when I log on to windows so I've been using my sidekicks internet the whole time
  12. oh my god.. its bending again. now I have no clue why this keeps happening but I don't think its a big deal anyway. this is one miracle plant. how long does it take to get the next 2 leaves? its been at this stage for like a few days. the whole process was delayed a lot. I actually had to take off the coating from under the shell a day after I took off the shell because it was too weak to open its leaves on its own. about 1 and 3/4 inches of the stem is visible, and the two leaves, is that normal? I feel the stem is really long, plus I did add a lot more dirt to cover the stem before but it keeps growing really long.
  13. wow i just got the fluros.. they OWN ! bright as FUCK ill have my plant growing in no time

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