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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Letitgro91, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Alright, SO i bought a clone for the first time yesterday. It is about 6". Right now its in my completly white closet and is surronded by 5 CFL lights. 3 of the lights produce 1750 illumens, and the other two produce 1400. So in all i have about 8,050 illumens on my baby. I put her in miracle grow in a 6.7 liter pot. It stays about 80-90 degrees in the closet, and i have a small fan to try and regulate the temp. Her leaves are looking a little limp and i have a small amout of curling on one of the leaves. This is my very first time doing anyone of this, so any advice/tips that ANYONE has to help me do this right and make it dank would be AWESOME!!!
  2. Miracle grow isn't the ideal. Use good soil like Roots Organic or Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Your plant needs at least 100 actual watts to veg and I'd say 300 actual watts to flower would be great. 80-90 is a bit high, bring it down to 70-79. I usually keep my grow area under 74.
  3. ya i have 5 bulbs, each bulb has 27, and i just turned on the 6 bulb so i have well over a hundred watts. how can i keep myt little closet space cooler?? and find that good soil???
  4. you can use fans to keep it cooler, also try to keep the door open if you can. airflow is much needed. also you can go to a hydro store to get the fox farms. idk about roots tho. I just heard of that the other day.
  5. maybe put a block of ice in your closet with the fan blowing onto it???? that would cool it down i think

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