help quick sleep deprevasion freakin' out

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, May 10, 2006.

  1. oh man i am freakin' out guys there black bugs seem to be putting webs on me then drilling into my arm and there is a flying buffalo or dog out my 2 story window...and if you don't believe me fuck you i just don't know what to do i can't sleep i'm freakin' out help
  2. take more of what your on
  3. i ain't on shit i haven't slept in several days and while i still have control of my mind i need to know what to do several visual the auditory hallucinations are really what freak me out and also the dark

    edit: i'm on the edge of reality right now still in control of my actions freakin' out somebody fucking help me i haven't moved yet, to fucking scared
  4. 1. Pot doesn't do that to you.

    2. If you were peaking on acid or shrooms you would even be able to type. (which is the ONLY way you will see anything like that).

    3. You are full of shit. Stop making this shit up and wasting peoples time with your misguided fantasies.

    4. Either do it for real, or stop making it up, it's really quite pathetic.
  5. considering that if he is going through sleep deprivation he's doing it to himself.
  6. ok hold on.. lets analize this. you have 7 posts. not very much recognition by the boards yet. just blaze has 2k posts, with quite a bit of rep.

    so please just stfu. -rep

    anyways, ive been sleep deprived before. 3 days straight. its scarry as hell because you think your dead, but you know your alive, and shit starts jumping out of other shit. its like an acid trip, except natural.

    my friend just told me over AIM that depriving yourself of sleep is a natural way to trip. tripping is a loss in saratonin in the brain. since ur brain hasnt had the chance to make any more saratonin, your tripping. thank you ms. browns 3rd period anatomy class :smoke:

    go pop some melatonin and and sleep for 20 hours. youll feel alot better :smoke:
  7. -rep

    Meh, if he's in real trouble your post may have well just fucked him over. Thanks a alot for being so negative!:mad: All we can do is assume he's either lying or he's not. If you think he's full of shit, then don't post, it's as simple as that. At least TRY and get used to the way forums work and don't be so negative to somebody that may very well need help.

    As for the OP, here's my suggestion.

    It sounds like you're sleep deprived, but can you tell us WHY you've been staying up for days? You may need some medical help at this point as sleep deprivation can cause a varying series of health problems and DOES eventually lead to death.

    Best thing I can tell you to do is to listen to some VERY soothing music on low volume, calm your mind, meditate. Drink some soothing chamomile tea and don't smoke anything for a while.

    When you lie in bed try not to think or visualize anything, just lie back and breath slowly. When I suffer from insomnia all I do is meditate for like thirty minutes or so before bed, trying to think and visualize absolutely nothing.

    Chamomile Tea and Milk work great. If it doesn't, EXERCISE. This works like a charm. Go for a bike ride or take a long walk. Eat some slightly fatty foods and don't have any caffeine or sugar.

    Hope this helps. Just chiiiiiil winston.
  8. take some xanax and just pass the fuck out.
  9. Lol, my roomie has some vikadin that he pops when he can't sleep. He used to use weed, but he doesn't like cannabis' high when compared to other drugs, so he stopped using it altogether more or less.

    Anyways, I'm forwarding this thread to Ars in a pm. He knows more about neurochemical reactions than I do and may be able to give you some advice in terms of a more pharmaceutical/chemical approach to your problem than I can.
  10. Well I have a sleeping problem as well, I have a med that was given to me to help with my prob, I found that if you just really relax and let yourself go you can fade off. Just smoke a bowl or 2 or 3 whatever it takes to get that edge off, you sound like you r wound up bro. Think about it, it is all in your head, the things you see the way you feel is your mind being tired and ready to go to sleep and so it is letting things run wild. The med I take is called Remeron Soltab, it really helps you get to sleed, if you still cannot then i say go get some tylenol pm and some benadryl, take one of each and watch the Lord of the rings series, you will fall asleep. I hope you get some rest bro . JOE>
  11. Uhhh that doesn't sound like sleep dep.

    You don't really experience visual hallucinations untill well past the 144th hour.
    Even then, they're really minor and temporary.

    Humans can go weeks upon weeks without sleep.

    Anxiety attack of some kind maybe?
  12. possibly I'm not sure, I finally got some sleep somehow. I took 120mg of adderall xr and was up 42hours by like the 39th or some shit is when the visuals really came along. I flushed all my adderall last night though, which I'm disappointed about, but really that's a good thing 'cause I would have taken 60mg. i'm surprise with my small amount of sleep that i'm not too tired this morning.

    I forgot to add, in the time when i was freaking out, i had eaten a bread roll, a spoon full of mashed potatoes, 2 thin slices of beef, an even smaller piece of chicken, and some chicken fried rice i had a forkfull or 2 in a span of 4-5 days i lost track

    the list is kind of long I was just thinking. but I'm 5' 11'' and skinny as an ethiopian boy so i usually eat a lot. I wasn't starving myself, just had no appetite, for no reason and then that adderall i took just fucked my whole system up, thanks everybody for the help that I didn't read.

    so on to my new question, given all the information that I know, which I just typed it all, what do you think the problem was? I really don't want to have to go through that shit again, I knew it was fake, but it was all so scary.

    weird thing that happend, my face felt odd, but i couldn't make out the feeling i get up and look in the mirror, my eyes wide open are bright red and it's not like they were cashed or anything i had only smoked one bowl. i thought my eyes were going to explode. just information as it may be a side effect, as i'm looking to beat this bullshit because i have a good feeling i won't sleep again tonight.

    and one more thing, i've felt "speedy" you know that adderall feeling you sometimes get for 28 hours now actually since last taking one. why?

  13. haha, man, who am I trying to impress? nobody, I don't know anybody on this forum personally, but i fucking love gc, so I don't care about e-cool points. I needed help fast, no fantasy, just crazy shit poppin out at me.

    it was actually kind of cool to tell the truth. I had always wanted to know what sleep deprived (or whatever the problem was) hallucinations were like, as they were much more complex then i'd ever imagine. I knew I should get some sleep when the walls began breathing, but didn't and then next thing i know, i look behind me and everything is twisted and what, i couldn't make out to be for sure, but I interpreted it as a moose vampire outside of my room. blah blah blah lots of scary shit

    but when i tried to sleep i came across this odd problem that scared me, i don't know why, it just freaked me out, i could see through my eye lids, i knew they were closed, that was for sure. when I opened my eyes sure enoughwhatever I was seeing close eyed was there as well with open eyes, so i thought i'd never get any sleep
  14. adderall will keep you up if you take it and it also supresses appetite

    the visuals... flashback maybe?
  15. Adderal can do that to you, and its a powerful appetite depressant as well... For future adderal binges just remember to eat the same amount of food you normally would, even if you arent hungry. Also make sure you are chugging as much water as you can. Eating right and drinking lots of water will make you feel 100% better and will help your body and mind recover faster from such a long period without sleep. The halucinations sound like extreme cases of what I see when I'm up for extended periods of time, and I think that the small amount of food that you ate made the situation even worse.

    The bottom line is that intentionally robbing your body of sleep is not good for you, and I'm sure its even worse if you are using drugs to stay awake. One of my friends passed out in the shower last year after being awake for the better part 4 days on Adderal. He had to crawl back to his room and thought he was dieing. Be careful with that Adderal stuff, for such a commonly prescribed drug I've seen it do some pretty crazy things to people.

  16. haha that was a problem when i took the smallest sip I felt a lot of shit coming up and. i was nearly puking, had the garbage can there just in case
  17. bullshit, i just went two and a hafl days without sleeping, the shadow people always visit me after two days of no sleep. that "144th hour" is a generalized blanket statement, and those are never true. kinda alike "ten hits" of acid makes you legally insane.

    im not flaming you, im just saying for me, all it takes is two days.

  18. yeah!
  19. So did u sleep or what?
  20. i'm going to go ahead an appologize, i honestly thought this was some sort of joke. also i'm going on 26 hours no sleep myself (4 hours the night earlier). so my brain isn't exactly functioning properly. worst part about it is that i'm wired.

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