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    i cut my plants about a week ago and hung them up branch by branch in a basement. not well ventilated and it has been fairly hot/humid lately.

    now there is mold growing on a lot of them - what can i do to save the weed??

    there are no windows down there and the door to the upstairs (a hatch) must stay closed. will a couple fans do the trick? do i need to find a new spot? de-humidifyer??

    should i drop the ~$150 on a de-humidifier right away? or is it a lost cause?
  2. I would just crank the heat and dry them out before it gets any worse. It happend to me last years and had to toss a bunch out but if I wouldnt have done a thing I would have lost everything. Within 24hrs they were dry and mold had stopped. Once the mold starts it spreads fast!
  3. so what would be better....

    buying a space heater/fan or a de-humidifier for the space? it's already pretty warm down there but it's musty.
  4. from my experience the mold will be 5x worse tomorrow than it was today. It spread fast. We used a propane heater and just cranked it up as hot as it would go. We moved some to another location and turned up an electric heater on high to get rid of any moisture that was in the buds that the mold would grow on. So I dont think the dehumidifier is going to work at this point. Maybe someone else has a better idea but I would get it as hot as possible and dry it out. Otherwise you will just loose everything. It wont turn out the best but atleast you will have some that isnt all moldy. Good luck!

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