Help preparing for grow next year.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by michael68, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Next year will be my first grow.

    Gonna use 5 or 10 gallon pots since I'll be guerrilla growing and I don't really have the resources/water for the bigger pots, etc. Although a 200 gallon smart pot grow looks cool, lol.

    I plan on germinating around May 10th, and harvesting mid October or sooner.

    Hoping for 3 ounces a plant.

    Think I could pull it off?

    I know it's a little early but yeah, lol.
  2. You can absolutely pull it off. Props for doing some research before taking the plunge. It's not as easy as some would have you believe, nor as hard as others claim. There is so much info for you here, the stickies are a great start and the journals have been very informative lately as well.

    Quick question, are you absolutely sure about the pots? If you are concerned about watering, straight into the ground may be something you would want to look into. Just thinking out loud though. I don't know what you have to work with.

    Best of luck to you, remember detailed specific questions will ussually get the most educational answers. Happy growing to you.
  3. Thanks a lot man. I'm pretty sure about the pots I think, just for their portability and the ground is hard to dig and the water table is pretty damn low.

    I would try and bury the pots halfway though, just to keep them less obvious and help keep the roots cool.

    I've been reading through many outdoor journals on this site and on others, still gathering information, I just want my first experience you know? Real interesting stuff though, reading grows, guides, etc.
  4. Alright, a thinking man with a plan. The only specific advice I will give you based on what you've said is don't let portability be an issue with guerilla growing. If you think you might have to move plants at some point...find a better spot. Too many people getting ripped. Go through hell to find a spot, no sane person would ever care to go. If you think you need them portable in case a spot will get flooded, it will flood at the worst time. Hedge your bets in every way possible, and of course tell or show no one!

    Happy growin next year.
  5. Portability is so I could move them into the shade if need be for a little while. I think my spot should for sure be good, gonna have them spread out quite a bit either way though. I live in the high desert so we're not really known for growing, well guerrilla growing anyway.

    Do you think a 10 or 7 gallon would hold water and be better than a 5 gallon though?
  6. I understand now. The larger the container the less frequent need to water.

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