Help Posting Pictures (From Mobile Phone)

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  1. I'm on the mobile phone and I can't download the app, so I use the Internet phone website. I try to upload a pic but it won't accept any of the direct links it just gives me an error message.
  2. The site just went through an upgrade so everything is gonna take a BIT of time, i dont think pics are online yet and i know the app isnt. 
    Attachments are online , Photo Gallery will be online pretty soon
    What is the error message you are receiving ? I can't assist you without seeing the actual error message.
  4. Tested through KingPad and attachment seems to work correct as you can see
  5. It says "error cannot save image URL as specifified" I tried it before the website went through the update and got an error message similar to that.
  6. At the moment attachments are disabled so you can't include any attachments. Will be enabled soon.
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