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Help Poppa buy a car

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Well my near and dear friends, it will soon be time to send the old Poppamobile to the greener pastures. and I am looking for a new ride. I am parking an old pickup truck and am thinking about getting a car this time, something small, cheap, good gas milaege, sporty, dependable, reliable, favorable consumer report rated,good karma etc, etc. etc. Probably nothing American made because they are all junk. Give me soem ideas.

    I have thought about a VW jetta, Honda civic, Toyota Corrola sport, but can't make my mind up.

    Give em some hints on what to buy.
  2. Get the Jetta. Get the Jetta.

    My brother wanted one of those.
  3. pontiac vibes are cool... the jetta's are phat too... so are VW GTI's -- although they're kinda small. they're pretty cheap though. good gas mileage, sporty, etc...

    um... i'd say go with a VW if you want something really reliable though... maybe the new microbus? LOL
  4. rice burners are shit man
    thats all i have to say
  5. Get a 88-91 Honda CRX, they're agile, fast, get 40mpg, don't break and fun as hell to drive. It's like riding a sportbike sitting in a car seat. I love mine.

    They're only 2 seater tho, but if you get one you can buy a japanese "backseat" for a few hunded off ebay and basically gives you a kid sized backseat.

    Otherwise, an older Prelude, like a 2nd gen, cheap as hell, in my opinion, one of the best looking econo-rockets you can get and definitely something different than the armadas of fart cannon civics rollin the streets.

    I've owned the prelude and i currently drive the Rex(crx), i also have an '89 240SX that i'm working on building up to over 500 wheel horsepower. Don't buy a nissan unless you want a science project, enjoy working on complex systems, and consider hitchiking home an "adventure"

    Get a honda, they're simple, easy to work on, there's tons of parts, and they beat the turd outta toyota, nissan, and anything amerika makes.

    If you want exotic supercar performance on a shitbox budget look for an '86 Isuzu Impulse. I had an impulse i bought for $100 cash from a dealer and after tossing a new set of tires on and doing a minor tune up i was able to top 160mph with it well before redline in 5th gear and came close to 170mph flat out in the high desert with it. It was an amazing ride. and that was the non-turbo 1.9l version they also made a 2.0l turbo, and a 4.3l intercooled turbo v6 which in my opinion the 4.3 is one of the sweetest cars on the planet. I loved my impulse, it had neck snapping accelleration, and rear wheel drive so it'll get tail happy if you want, and there's a really confidence inspiring feeling of drifting with it, the ass will hang out nicely and a feathering of the throttle will keep you holding a drift through your line, on dirt or pavement. I used to rally mine and it handled high speed drifting on dirt and would handle the jumps smoothly, i've gapped over 70 feet long and 10 feet high while doing 70-80 mph with it and it always landed slightly rear first and kept straight in the air, and even a sideways landing didn't roll it, it just landed flat and drifted to the next corner.

    My CRX is gonna be my next rally car and i want to build my 240SX to run SCCA soloII and roadcourse out at Firebird Raceway and Streets of Willow track.

    My rex loves tight twisties and i wring it out over a mile high twisty mountain pass everyday on my way home from work and no matter how many times i do that run over the pass i still end up rolling into town with a big stiffy and a permagrin. I got a homebuilt custom ram air intake system and a straight through exhaust with a cherry bomb and a glass filled resonator tip, and some other minor mods, and my rex just sounds plain viscious, it don't have the fart cannon sound of most hondas, and it makes more of a barking sound when you stab the throttle, and at high RPM has this evil sounding scream as i peak the top of 3rd gear at 90mph, yep that's what i said, she peaks a hair over redline at 90mph so when you come into 4th you're already in the powerband and the ram air really starts boosting the upper deck numbers.

    I love driving the 'rex, it's decieving cause it looks and acts like an econo-box under 3000 rpm but dump the clutch from 4k and keep it over 3krpm and it can be a real monster.

    Last week i smoked a new '03 cavelier with it and i didn't even clutch drop off the line and i shifted hella early, well before redline, and the dude in the cav was stompin on it, haha that shizz was funny.

    If you're not into the performance thing the rex can be just as tame as any other car on the road if you leave it all stock, but responds well to intake and exhaust work. Do yourself a favor, get an SI if you get a 'rex, it's got true programmed sequential 4 port fuel inkection and a proper engine management system, not to mention some ballin' interior and a sweet sunroof.

    If you like old school imports get an 83-87 crx SI and keep it clean, tuned, and do some intake and exhaust work to it, toss some lightweight alloy rims and some Falken Azenis tires and you'll have a cult classic ready to do battle at your local airport or parking lot SCCA autocross event. Also with the CRX it has the engine bay to accept a wide variety of different engines, such as the b16, b18a, b18c5, and the second generation 88-91 can accept the monsterous H22A engine out of the Prelude SH, this engine develops 210hp stock and top tuning houses have been known to boost numbers of H22/CRX hybrids well in excess of 500hp.

    Damn how i would love a 300hp boosted b18c5 in my rex, it would be a rocket, truly scary fast, with a redline around 10k rpm it'll be able to break 100 mph in 3rd gear while pinning you to the seat.

  6. Hey BPP, if you want i'll take some pics of my crx engine bay and shit so you can see just how rad they are, simple, no complexity, and reliable. Let me know wha you wanna see pics of and i'll take 'em.

    This summer i think i'm gonna take my passenger seat out and build a custom removable bed in place of the seat and use the rex for camping, i can pop the hatchback and put a velcro'd screen on it so i can lay out and watch the stars. I got a bike rack for it too.

    Oh yeah and while i was typing the last post my friend came in my apt and told me he's going to buy an '86 CRX to set up as a micro-RV like i plan to do. I just need to figure out a way to carry my Yamaha yz250 dirtbike on the back, time to track down one of my friends with a welder and customize a dirtbike rack from the chassis hardpoints under the rear.

  7. haha, pontiac vibe. thats funny.
    what does japan and baghdad have to do with anything?
    crx's are good, but you'll die if you get into a bad accident in one.

    go for an accord or civic. nothing but praise from everyone with those.
  8. I think toosicks has a thing for cars.

  9. WHAAAA?? I think they're hideous! They look like someone tried to make a car out of a cardboard box and failed miserably
  10. The germans lost the war, but they make some damn fine cars!

  11. Pontiac Vibes are kinda ugly, but the inside of them are sooooo nice. My friend has one, and it is so nice to ride in. I don't really know what kind of car to tell ya to get. I really think that Toyota's are good cars. They're really nice to drive.
  12. The new VW Beetle.. Nuff said!!
  13. Get a hood ride... I'd sit on this bike and keep smoking till i hotboxed it... Damn I'd be pimp on bitch

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  14. i was thinking a subaru wrx or a nissan altima... the wrx is a better choice, great milage, all time all wheel drive, Crazy fast...looks and everything, as well as it being semi affordable.

  15. I survived my accident without a scratch and only crushed one side of my rex, and it didn't even bend. I got hiy by a freightliner doing 80mph on the highway, stuck to the bumper, dragged for 1/8 mile and then spun out across the median. It was crazy my head was bouncing off the grill but that fucker didn't flip even tho i was spinning across the highway at 80mph.

    My rex din't get bent, jus got the drivers door crushed and the rear quarterpanel got chewed apart from the truck's tire cause i was stuck under the bumper. I hacksawed some pieces off, hammered the wheelwell in so it wouldn't rub the wheel, and drove it from texas to arizona. I still drive it to this day with crushed door and all. I thought about fixing it but i don't think i'm gonna cause if i use it as a rally car i'll end up beatin the shizz out of it, and i'd rather slide sideways into a rock or some trees with a car that's not all pretty.

  16. if you have the money, i'd buy a subaru wrx, its been my goal to get for a few years now. if not, any honda, toyota, or vw will treat you well. the vw GTI is my favorite vw because i like its look. i think any honda or toyota will last a long time and be very efficient. my dad has a toyota celica that is extremely safe and efficient, even for a sporty car.
  17. well i dunno if u want a small rice burning crap :) if u want some thing might cost alittle money but they are GREAT cadillac deville boy my bro has one and its da shit i really didnt like cadillacs till my bro got one now there awsome!

  18. Dude if you got in a crash going 30 in a CRX youll die it doesnt have to be that bad of a crash to die in a CRX And wtf is a chassis and all that stuff
  19. Late-model MR2 or RX-7
    My two fav fairly-affordable cars :D

  20. I like the way you think!!!

    I used to have a red '91 MR2 Turbo and it was probably the car I liked the most out of the ones I've had. I loved the way it hugged the road. I got a black '94 Mazda RX-7 later. The MR2 was always my favorite, though.

    Poppa, I don't know what you should get but out of the ones you mentioned...I'd probably go with the Jetta. Have fun looking for your new ride. I'm looking for a new car too but I'm so friggen indecisive about these things that it will take me two months to figure out what I really want. Test drives are fun, though!!!

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