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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chowder420, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. how far away should my light /lamp be away from my seedling ( 3 1/2 inches tall)???
  2. what kind of light are you using?
  3. mmm im not positive my dad got me me the light at home depot. alls it says is that its a 50 watt plant light
  4. stop your grow now and do more reading, then start again in a few months
  5. This is sound advice. The more you learn before you start the more money you will save and the better your plants will be. Trust me, Ive dumped almost $800.00 into a damn closet setup! lol.
  6. Alright since your plants are still in the beginning, If your using a CFL grow light which is a Condensed Fluorescent light(its those energy saver lights) your gonna want to keep the light about 10 inches or so more away from the plant, an HPS Lamp about a foot and a half, because HPS and such have high heat output and you don;t want to fry your plants but you want to keep the light close enough to allow growth, If your using standard Fluorescent I would say about 6-7 inches away from the plant since you need to get it close for fluorescent trips to be efficient since the light radius is really spread out cause of how the light is. If your using LED same about 6-7 inches away, a decent number of LED lights do not get that hot at all,
  7. CFLs you can put right next to the plant, the plant wont burn unless it actually touches the bulb. I wouldnt have the CFLs any further away than 3 inches at most

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