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Help Please!! :/

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eyes Stay Red, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. soo basically today this kid i met in math class asked to bun with me so me and my friend josh lets just say and the three of us smoked a spliff and after about 10 minutes of finishing, me and josh suggest to go to the dollar store across from the street of where we were bunning (just off school property) and at first everyone agreed including the kid i met from math class. Lets say his name is andrew. right before crossnig the street, andrew starts saying he is really dizzy and i asked if he was gonna puke and he said he felt a bit and then after we cross the street, i tell him to drink some of the water he had and he did, and all of a sudden he just started walking away. i tried to call him to come back, and i called him but he just kept walking i thought he was gonna walk home cuz that was our original plan for us to walk hom eafter smoking the spliff. so i went with josh to get some chips and i went back to school and got picked up. i call andrew back when i get home, and he is like greening out , he walked to a restaurant in the same plaza as the convenience and just puked in the washroom, and he claimed i ran awayh but i fully told him and he agreed to get chips from the dollar store.. On the phone he says hes REALLY dizzy and cant stand it and wants to call the ambulance. i told him to just order some food, and drink a bit of water and relax, then walk home. i just called him like 5 times, and he hasnt picked up. Im getting kinda really woried :S
    do u think he really called the ambulance? :S and if he did and lets say he was passed out, would the ems find out that it was from weed and could i possibly get in trouble? :S advice or insights appreciated. this isnt even the first time a kid greened out on me when we blazed :eek:

    edit : this all happened after school after my school council meeting at about 5 15 pm
  2. He's fine, it was probably the tobacco's fault. If you don't smoke tobacco and take a spliff to the dome, some people may feel really fucked up because of it. Nah, nothing will be traced back to you.
  3. could be the tobacco mixed in, maybe next time you bun with him you should bun 100% weed joints
  4. Ha! G'damn youngens, I tell ya.

    Maybe, if the paramedic was a wizard! Didn't think of that, did ya?! That's right, a fuckin' paramedic wizard!:cool:
  5. naw a spliff up in my area (toronto ontario) is a joint, i rolled a one pape with about .5 of some decent kushh :S and now he still isnt picking up :S
  6. If he called an ambulance he just paid for the most expensive taxi to a dr to tell him he is fine

    and i dont think you could get in any trouble... i mean, maybe if you had tied him down and forced him, but he ASKED to come didnt he? lol
  7. i met him this year in gr 12 functions, and he seemed really interested in what bunning was like, and we live in the same neighbourhood, his street is just off mine i seen him when i drove home from ball practice a few times, so i told him i was gonna walk home and bun anyways so i asked he wanted to smoke a joint (which i thought was the best idea) and this is what ends up hapopening -.-
  8. and he agreeed to smoke the spliff he pitched me money lol he totally agreed and was pretty excited before too
  9. no no no... a spliff everywhere is weed and tobacco dude. but he should be fine. he prob got too high and felt like dying.
  10. i live not far from you, never heard a joint called a spliff. i would say he is a puss, and there is no way you could get in trouble, and i have never heard of this bunning either.
  11. bun bun bun bun dizzy bun bun bun puke bun bun bunning bun bun
  12. lol im acually in school to be an EMS as long as he drinks water hes fine a little trick ive learned to calm someone down who is freaking out(shock)/about to throw up from smoking weed is to give them a peice of gum to chew. thell focus on that instead of their irrational fear. as for throwing up sounds like tobacco is to blame.
  13. Was it a fat spliff? Was there more tobacco then weed, or vise versa?
    These are all factors that could have triggered that, it is a very generic thing to get sick from weed & tobacco. Was the weed dank?
  14. Where I live, a Spliff (or a doobie) is a even mix of weed and tobacco. A Joint is just weed.
    Although I know the colloquial language differs per region/country.

    A "fat" Spliff implies there is more weed than tobacco in the paper. A fat Joint is self explanatory.
  15. our attention spans are awesome, guy is worried about a friend, we all argue/discuss what spliff means
  16. [quote name='"Sirsog"']our attention spans are awesome, guy is worried about a friend, we all argue/discuss what spliff means[/quote]

    yea true. we got to get back on topic!..... but seriously dude a spliff is a joint (or a bowl if u say "spliff bowl") with both tobacco and marijuana.
  17. ok regardless of what the definition of a spliff is, i rolled .5 of straight weed, iunno why that happened :S should i be worried that he did call the ambulance? lol
  18. its happened before that someones stupid enough to call emergince responce to save them from being high. id try to call him or something to calm his ass down. you shouldnt get introuble .As long as he has no weed on him he shouldnt even really get in any trouble idk it depends on what state you live in too i think. thell prob just treat for shock and moniter his vitals i cant think of anything else they would do. u should only be worried if he owed you money cause the trip isnt cheap.
  19. i live in canada, in toronto to be a little more exact, and i guess ill find out tommmorow what happens :p hopefully hes fine ahah
  20. As a national paramedic I can tell you that we DO pick up our fair share of "I'm high and I'm having a heart attack" calls. So it comes to be something that is treated by a little bit of IV fluids, and maybe a slight dose of a benzo, to calm you down. Even if he did call, and yes it will be expensive, theres probably not too much to trace back to you, unless he straight up tells everybody, then we have to log whatever he says as far as who provided him the weed... And by "log" I mean it goes into our documents, but probably no further than that. No police involved.

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