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  1. so today i was riding my quad and i stopped to take a pee. i walked over to a fence and when i looked down i noticed a marijuana plant by my foot. when i looked around i noticed there was a little plant every 10 ft or so. they were only about 5 inches tall with no buds on them. no body is ever around those parts of the woods. could they be wild? will they grow themselves? how long until they grow bud?
  2. Might be wild.
    They could grow themselves
    October is usually when they are ready.
  3. Where do you live? I doubt that it's growing wild there bro. I think you have some stoner visitors :). Ask around GC about where you live, maybe meet up with a growing partner!

    THEIF i know what your thinking. Dont touch my babies you pervert!
  5. ^^Holler
  6. i live in PA. 30 mins from pittsburgh.

    i really think it might be wild. because yesterday i went fishing at a pond that is right beside a road. and it was growing there too. i dont know why anyone would plant at a pond that has atleast 10 people fishing there a day.

    i would hate to jack from peoples plants. but there are about 200 of these plants growing in the field. i dont think it will hurt any.

    should i leave them alone and let them do there thing. or is there something i should do to keep them alive?

  7. Pot grows wild in almost every corner of the Earth.

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