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  1. We were eating dinner at home. My step father begins to tell at my mom. So I tell him to not yell at her. He starts coming after me. And my older brother intervenes in the situation. My step dad chokes my brother and hits me in the face. Then throws my mom in into the refrigerator. She gets knocked out. I called 911. Im scared. I don't know what to do. Help me? I'm in my room. Scared out of my mind.
  2. Call the cops now, sounds like bad domestic violence. Just stay calm and wait for help from the authorities.
  3. Troll? I'll give you a flank ye beast.

    Call the cops man, it's your responsibility (as a son) to let no man lay a hand on your brother, or mother like that EVER.
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    Damn. You have a fucked up house-hold.

    If fucked up shit is happening regularly. I would contemplate becoming a ward of the state. (IE. Call social services, get into foster care)

    Thats a huge choice though, and one you might REALLY regret. It might also be one you might not regret.
  5. you seem to be pretty young to be here... but uh you called the cops just wait for them i guess. certainly don't go try and confront anyone. just keep yourself safe i guess :confused:
  6. Once the cops are there things will be better. Stay in your room and don't leave.
  7. I hear my mom hyperventilating having, problems breathing. Why the fuck does this shit happen to me. Im only 18. why the fuck do I deserve shit like this?

  8. Who says you deserve it? There are things going on in that man's mind that aren't right, and the cops are going to do with him. If something like this has happened before, he most likely won't be back.
  9. Well Im going to go talk to the cops. If this thread is still here, which I highly doubt. I'll give you guys an update IF you are interested. I think for once in my life, I am happy the cops are here.
  10. domestic violence hotline

    National Domestic Violence Hotline

    i don't know your situation, but if your family is on some kind of assisted income, reporting domestic violence WILL NOT affect your money coming in. people will come help you. no one should have to feel like this.
  11. Dude fuk the police man they can't get on ya level knock that scrub out an the cops too get blitz
  12. yo dawg fuck educashun and shit 2

  13. You're genius. Im gonna assault someone, and then waste time in jail for it? Sounds great!:D
  14. We do care... At least I do. If this thread isn't here, PM me and let me know what happened man, alright? Good luck.
  15. you did the right thing by calling the cops
  16. Your dad sounds like the hulk taking out 2 fully grown men and a woman

  17. Too soon.. lol
  18. instantly pissed after reading this. Get you, your brother, and mother out of that situation. No one should lay a hand on a woman like that.

    call the police and get your family away from that monster. (If i were you....well....lets be happy im not, cause i'd be going to jail for manslaughter.)
  19. what happened????
  20. This is heavy stuff for a forum such as this, get that guy arrested, people like that have a way of getting under their partners skin, gain forgiveness then it happens all again until a punch becomes a knife. Stop him now; get him put away, nobody has the right to hit your mum, brother or you! What a fukn low-life bully! Good luck man, please update!

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