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  1. whats the average height that a clone plant can grow?? Would a 400w hps light be to hot for a (32x32x63) grow tent??
  2. a clone is just a plant with roots...

    some people only wait till the first signs of roots and call it a clone..

    others call well rooted plants clones... upwards of a foot tall....

    it depends on your terminology of "clone"

    most that are readily available are about six inches to the roots... and the roots are usually about an additional four...
  3. Tihspeed, I think you misunderstood his question..
    Or maybe I am??? :confused:

    A clone can and will grow as long as you allow it to veg..
    So if you want a 6' plant (clone), let it veg until it reaches 6'..

    Yes, this is fine, as it comes out to about 79w per sq ft..
    With the tent only being 5.25' in height (now take off at least 1 ft for lamp and you're only able to use 4' of the height), you may want to do a LST or SCROG..
  4. my bad i am a newbie to this what does lst mean and scrog
  5. Low stress training

    Sea of green

    Screen of green

    Popular.....use google to look them up

  6. Then if you decide to top the plants, I have always had better success with the FIM method.... Fuck I Missed..

    You can read about it HERE

    Good luck... :smoke:
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    Good short read man....on the gc app or I would have just hit like

  8. Thanks man...

    and just to make sure everyone is clear...
    SOG = Sea Of Green
    This is where you take a clone and as soon as it is rooted, you induce flowering. SOG best works mostly with pure Indica strains (85% or better)..

    SCROG = SCReen Of Green
    This is where you grow a plant under a screen which is 6" - 12" - 18" - 24" (depending on strain) away from the grow medium. The screens usually have 1" to 2" holes. As the plant grows you keep it under the screen and usually until around the 2nd week of flowering (again depending on strain), only then do you allow the plant to grow through screen's holes..

    LST = Low Stress Training
    This is where you bend the branches down and around using tie down string, weights, or any other means to secure your bend training trying to restrict the plant from growing tall...

    FIM = Fuck I Missed
    This is a topping method used which is done at an angle, as opposed to straight across.. Can't really explain it, you have to see pictures...

    Google is your friend... :smoke:
  9. my buddy has a wicked fimming technique for new seeds that he gets.....he'll veg em until theyre about 10 inches tall with 8+ nodes...then instead of just pinching em back, he cuts a clone...his clone survival rate is damn near outta 5 new seeds (all feminized) he'll get 5 little the time it takes for his little plants to get back into full gear, his clones are pretty much rooted. good if you have time to spare i guess. just thought i'de share! take care bladez!!

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