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  1. hey guys
    So I’m new here. This is my second grow. First one was a compete screw up. And don’t want same thing to happen to my new one.
    I’m growing 5 shiskaberry and 5 mr hide. I’m 4weeks from seedling.
    I see yellowing in the tips of the new grow in some. And yellowing of the full leaf in some.
    Grow room is 2.4mx 2m.
    2 600 watts Hps
    Smart pot 1 gallon ready to transplant in 3 gallon

    Using bio Bizz grow and heaven at the moment. Light doses. Soil ph is at 6

    I posted some pics
    Please help

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  2. what are your temps how high do you have your lights
  3. My temps are at 29c at max when lights are on. 23c when lights are off.
    RH 48 when lights are off 35 when lights on
  4. My lights are about 90 cm over the plants
  5. Idk might be your medium but if your tryna see results get quantum boards more efficient for half the electricity
  6. Nitrogen Deficiency.
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  7. So I’m not over feeding.
    I felt it was. Can anyone else confirm
    N difency
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  8. yeah it is by the looks of it
  9. Should I increase bio grow then?
  10. One plant looks like nute burn on tips hard to say without natural light pics, and if you are using soil pre loaded with nutes like fox farm ocean forest no need yet to add nutes especially since you are going to up pot from 1 gallon to 3 gallon, the 3 gallon new soil will continue to feed them for a few more weeks. The other plant looks like yellow leaves indicating nitrogen deficiency but again not totally for sure without pics in natural light., but if it is nitrogen deficiency then its time you up pot to 3 gallon now since the nutes in the 1 gallon are used up.
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  11. Thanks for the reply guys.
    Again I’m new to this.
    So should I feed or stop feeding
    I’m a bit confused here
  12. Are you watering with tap or distilled water?

    I would keep them happy by just continuing to add soil if it already has nutrients in it. No need to add nutrients seperate from whats already in the soil. Keep the top 3" of the soil very loose by simply using a chopstick on the top of the soil. Keep a spray bottle of dutilled water to keep her wet several times a day, with a fan blowing in her direction. You dont want too much nitrogen to build up, as its depleted in a couple more weeks when you switch to flowering.

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  13. Try to keep the Ph between 6.4 - 6.8 if this is in soil.

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  14. These are better pics

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