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  1. So recently my beaker bong that I bought is the one I am satisfied with. Like this is my favorite bong and I wouldn’t want anything else I lover her so much I named her liberty. She’s 18” and 10 arm tree perc. Well the tree percent broke off at the main shaft where they meet, like de capping a mushroom. Everything else is fine it’s the tree perc rattles around inside. Can it be fixed? I can’t find any blowers in the PDX area (where I live) to repair it. Thanks for the feedback guys and stay baked like cakes. Btw the images are attatxhed as well

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  2. Being inside the bong and its obviously a sealed unit i dont think it would be repearable sorry mate....i could be wrong maybe theres a blower on here could chip in there opinion
  3. no tree percs are known to break at their base like that, and it being sealed inside its not possible to remove without opening it up wich then they will tell you is no longer 100% guarenteed to even get fixed.
  4. sorry bro. unless u want to inhale glass shards then it's R.I.P for this piece. buy better quality next time and a perc shouldn't have such weak welding

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