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  1. I watered with pH tap of 6.7 yet soil Runoff pH is at 6.5 which to me is causing a nitrogen deficiency. Can anyone help me? IMG_4144.JPG IMG_4145.JPG IMG_4146.JPG IMG_4147.JPG IMG_4148.JPG

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  2. I think that looks more like nute burn than a deficiency, the tips are the only things yellowing mainly . I'm not sure though I'm also new to growing

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  3. Agree
    Potassium/Calcium maybe?
    Nute Problems.jpeg
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  4. Yeah I don't think it has anything to do with nitrogen. What nutrients have you been using? With the chart my guess is going to potassium.

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  5. I use Canna Terra Vega/Flores..Pricey, but Da Shits..LOL
    40 days in.. when taken FFOF w/th 25% perlite, Vegged for 6-7 weeks on the right 2x GDP, left 1x00 Kush..In front..IDK Mystery.
  6. Hell yeah. I just got general organics the whole box set, but I'm waiting about a week or so before I start any nutrients since they're still getting used to the new enviorment. Everytime I see your room I get more excited for my Meizhi:)

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  7. Can't wait til I see your monsters..LMA)
  8. I caught this hole in the leaf earlier. I was praying it's not from bugs. What do you think [​IMG]

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  9. Look on the underside of the leaves for eggs, pests etc....Anything like this on other leaves? looking very suspicious it is..
    You may need a loupe if they are really small or like are really blind..LOL (cheap <10 Amazon)and you will need a 30x-60x loupe/smartcam attchment at harvest time to check the trichomes..

    f so, I use Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew on most pests..Safe for us and the plants..Neem Oil is in it too!
  10. Yeah there's some yellowing. I lifted the leaf and it looked like there were little black spots on the bottom but I couldn't tell if it was bugs or soil

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  11. I've had my problems with this plant. I don't wanna give up on it though but if there's bugs I would hate for it to affect my other plant

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  12. I won't have the money for the captain Jack's for another 5 days :/

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  13. Dish soap and water maybe..may hold the suckers at bay (soil and leaves..Those black spots are probably eggs of some sort..bugs love the underside of leaves so the eggs are protected from predators ..(like us..LOL)
  14. Yeah they're tiny. I wiped them off. Should I just put her outside until I get spray? I don't want the other one getting the same shit . It's probably from the soil. There's basically no perlite and it's the hot organic soil. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. I have seaweed extract. Will a spray with that help maybe?

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  16. I don't think so but?? Dish Soap and water..Look at (pests secrion)!!:)
    Outside maybe a bad idea..more bugs?? A separate room if you can would be better..of course light is needed..

    I got a few gnats recently in my FFOF soil..Last one got sucked up in my exhaust after I herded the little bastard towards the intake...(440cuft per min..LOL)
  17. Got it will do! I'm gonna go to the garden supply tomorrow and see if they have something I can afford. I don't have a way to move it without increasing the temperature with no airflow . I could put it in my empty tent and put two cfl in there but I don't have any extra fans

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  18. Update!
    Both have been transplanted and are in fox farm OF.
    I fed them both some bioroot yesterday, going to feed one more, after one ph' d filtered watering.
    Left plant will be topped Saturday.
    I'm not sure about topping the other she seems to be growing more bushy than tall.
    My tent arrived today, but guess what?
    They accidently sent me TWO tents and TWO inline fans. So I will be running a test, one with viparspectra 450w. Other with Meizhi 450w. One smart pot, other air pot.
    Lights will be here Saturday:)
    I also got some bug spray, the first spray was last night, will continue to spray both for the next 3 nights.

    Much love [​IMG]

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  19. Poor Vipar..Meizhi is gonna step on it HARD..LOL
    BTW: those pots are looking a wee bit small and will lessen your yield..
    Do enjoy your grow..
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  20. What else would you suggest other than the Meizhi ? I know you said you have a few you play around with . Yeah I'm not gonna leave them in there the whole veg time. In about 3 weeks I'm gonna transplant into 3 gallon. That's as big as I can go though since I only have 4 and a half feet of height .

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