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    I have started my second grow.Everything is going pretty good except for 2 of my plants.The leaves have yellow edges are brittle.I havent ran into this problem before so i am having a little trouble pinpointing the problem.I have included a couple of photos .I have them in 5 gal fabric pots with soil.two 300 watt leds and a 400 watt Hps.I use Foxfarm Grow Big,Tiger and Bloom I use recommened doses.Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

    Oops sorry about that :).Here are pics.Also I believe this is Grandaddy Sour Diesel.

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  2. I don't see any pics here.
  3. Can't see pics, maybe you're still working on uploading. But one thing I can say is.. never use Fox farms feeding chart recommendations. 50% is plenty.
  4. Hey man, I'm having issues with my feeding schedule would you say would be the same for all nutes never feed it full strength? Thanks.. sorry to ask here
  5. Depends on the company. For Fox farm's big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom, I use around 50% of what they recommend for each.
  6. OKau man thanks - I'm using green planet.
  7. i just had this issue with two Pineapple express #2s on the lower leaves. Turned out that they were a tad hungry. Not saying you have the same issue just saying what mine was.

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