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    IMG_1542.JPG IMG_1543.JPG Hey this is my first grow not sure what could cause this week 3 on 12/12 noticed on that a couple plants the very tips of the leaves are turning yellow
  2. Looks like nutes burn

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  3. Yeah just looks like a minor nute burn I wouldn't worry much... go look at people's journals and even good growers you'll notice the occasional burnt tips..

    Grow journal
  4. that's what I was thinking to I put the bloom nutes up a couple mls should I just flush with some water then drop it back down?
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  5. Thanks I was a bit worried as it just showed up today I did feed two days ago.
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  6. I wouldn't flush or anything... maybe lower it back down to what it was before you upped it until it starts showing it needs more nutes.

    Grow journal
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  7. Ok thank you ill do that :)

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