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help please

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by erikag1025, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. hey guys good afternoon,
    today I had an interview for a new job and it went great! tomorrow I have to meet with the gm and if it also goes well then they will have me go for drug testing maybe on Wednesday. I used to smoke a lot but now it's once or twice a week or every two weeks, and it's been over a week since my last time. I took an at home test and it came out negative, so should I be worried about the upcoming possible test?
  2. You shouldnt be worried. Just drink a lot of water and of course dont smoke again before the drug test.
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  3. Thank you so much! Should I try to test myself one more time just in case?
  4. It wouldnt hurt. Buy a different brand this time.
  5. ok cool, thank you so much
  6. I took a lot of employment drug tests. Drink a lot of water now. Pee as much as you can. Day of the test drink more water. Don't let your first pee be the test pee. If you know someone who takes water pills take them an hour before the test. Keep drinking water. Start taking Golden Seal caps. They can be bought at a health food store. After 3 days of golden seal and water you will be fine
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  7. Thanks so much. most likely I will have to go on Wednesday for the test so I may be scarce of time.
  8. If you live in Colorado you really have no reason to worry
  9. You can still be denied a job for failing a drug test in Colorado. At least last i knew.
  10. Most pre-employment drug screens are saliva based mouth swabs. But if you are getting some salaried career position expect the whole nine yards.
  11. I believe they are sending me to a lab bc I saw some papers they had. that would mean like a urinalysis?
  12. I live in Miami lol
  13. I live in Miamilol
  14. That's not true at all

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  15. It's legal to smoke weed in Colorado. And they still test for marijuana. That's crazy
  16. Cool, me too!

    I just went to quest last week for a pre-employment drug screen. I used someone else's pee, there's no way I would have passed with my own pee. Was very easy. But if you're peeing clean already anyway, you should have nothing to worry about. Maybe just take another at-home test to be safe.
  17. awesome lol, I did an at home test again today and it showed negative. I had the test today so I hope I passed!!
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  18. Good luck.

    Hit me up for Netflix & anal anytime ;)
  19. roflmfaoooo
  20. Hi sorry to bother but I took another at home test and it was negative so do you think I'm ok???
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