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  1. Hello there, new grower lookin for some help diagnosing my sickly GDP baby. Was lookin pretty good before putting it inside the tent with its new 45watt led and in the last few days has stated to look sickly and its hasnt grown much. Leaves seem dry and as you can see in pic shrivley and curly. Just for side info temps have been 70-75 with humidity around 60-65%. Im thinking the soil needs better aeration. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  2. That girl is going to need a stronger light especially, with an LED since the true wattage is less than 45watt.

    Fabric pots are a godsend for indoor growers, try adding perlite to your coco/peat moss potting soil to create larger pore scopes and keep the soil moist.
  3. I just bought foxfarm light warrior which has a lot of perlite, added more perlite, mixed some quality organic pottimg soil with it, and lined the bottom of the new pot with perlite. But more light? For just one plant? I did my research and people have said that should be plenty for just one. Thnx for the feedback
  4. Btw that panel is 45 actual watts

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