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help please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rachelrandom, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone...
    so i really need to hurry up and piss clean for a drug test coming up 22 days sober and havent been able to pass my at home drug there anything i can do to speed up this process? everybody keeps telling me to drink cranberry juice...i was drinking water but that obviously did nothing for i been sick and caught the flu so i lost weight and havent really been eating 5'2 and weigh 105 lbs now...i was smoking mids on a daily basis at least twice a not sure if i can use synthetic urine because idk if quest diagnostics tests for that...please help...thanks!!!

  2. Hey man, i know what you are going through and i may have some good advice.Go to a naturalist shop or a place were they sell natural herbs and look up goldenrod or something like that., one of my friends use to smoke  as much as you do and he also neede to pass a test so he got some goldenrod and made tea with it or something and he would also drink cranberry juice. He passed his test and then got fiered for toking in the office bathroom XD. But yeah man if you cant get the herb just drink some cberry juice. hope i helped in someway and Good luck w the test bro.
  3. thank you...i'll try to find that but i'll def get some cranberry juice...havent been able to go to the store since my car is in the shop. hopefully i can get it today!!!! i figured i'll retest myself at 30 days!
  4. You can't "test" for synthetic is freeze dried urine, so you just need to mix with water and make sure to keep at the proper temperature.
  5. exercise is your friend. 
  6. where do you get your synthetic urine? could you send me a link to where i can buy it? i've seen plenty of places that sell it but i dont know how reliable all these diff brands are.
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  8. Easy find a person with clean piss. Give them $1 for their piss if u have to. Put that clean piss in an elmers glue bottle. Put the cap on. Put that bottle in the fuckin microwave for 15-26 seconds. 30 seconds if u have to drive 20 mins or so to get to the piss office. If u put a thermometer inside it and it went to the hot setting thats good. U dont want it to boil or anything but u want it hot bc its going to cool down by the time its time to take ur piss. Put that shit on ur body so it stays warm somewhat. I put it on my upper leg underneath a elastic knee brace thing that I got from the dollar store.
  9. When u get to the dr office dont look like ur suspicious. I highly doubt they are going to pat u down and search u for anything. They will tell u to empty out ur pockets. Do what they say. Go inside the bathroom and lock the door behind u if it has a lock on it. Usually doors have a lock so 95% of the time it will lock. Be very quiet. Unscrew the top and pour that shit in the cup. Just above the line where they tell u that the pee needs to reach. It doesnt really matter how much u pour in since ur using clean piss anyways. I just like to pour just enough so I dont have to stand there for any longer than I have to. Don't flush the toilet. Ive heard bad stories that if u flush u will fail automatically. They want to make sure u arent bringing anything in with u so they check the toilet to make sure u werent dumbbbb enough to leave something in there. Put the elmers glue bottle back wherever u had it to begin with and walk out. As long aasu kept it on ur body while u were waiting u should be fine. I heard tape a condom to ur nut sack or whatever else. All that shit is being drug out. When u rip that tape off later ur dick is going to come off with it. U do that if u want to. Ill stick to my elastic band and elmers bottle. My way is easier and probably cheaper since I can buy a elmers bottle for $1 or less. Do make sure u cant see the bottle when u sit down. Make sure its not sticking straight up or something. It would be pretty obvious that u were bringing fake pee in if u had a big ass elmers glue bottle sticking out of ur pants while sitting there. Just be smart about it. Ive also heard of buying a catheter and taping it to ur underarms or chest or wherever else. Again.. my way is cheaper and it works everytime. Oh if ur stupid enough to put the clean pee in the elmers bottle before completely wash the bottle out first then ur in trouble. Obviously u dont want to clean it out with anything harsh like bleach. Just hot water. Put ur thumb over the hole and shake it like a salt shaker. Make sure there is no glue stuck to the bottom of the bottle or sides. 0 glue. No glue can be left in the bottle by the time ur done. Then u pour the clean pee in there and microwave it for a lil bit. Do not microwave it for longer than 50 secs. I havent ever had to microwave it longer than 30 sec. I have a feeling if u microwave it for to long the plastic bottle will melt and u will have a messssssss to clean up. Be smart dont overthink and dont pay more than what u have to. Dont ever pay more $$$$$$. U can use that money for something useful like more trees. Or some swishers.

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