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    As this is my first attempt at a scrog, Should I be concerned about trimming more of my leaves to let more light through the canopy, I already removed quite a bit by cutting the leaves in half rather then removing them, I cut them and there just growing so damm fast, This is Super Lemon Haze

    At this point, It's practically impossible for me to bend ALL the leaves back down, there too close to the tops of the flowering plant

    Help is ALWAYS Appreciated

  2. Looking good bro. I'm doing my first scrog also and I try to tuck them under but if I can't do that then I just chop them. I say go ahead with it, but try not too do it all at once (I believe chopping too many leaves at once can be problematic)
  3. Under the screen there is only a handful of "bud sites" , I'm not trying to give them light, but above the screen there are many sites that are shaded by the uppermost leaves. I did a pretty good job the past week or 2 trimming these leaves, but I want to give these upper bud sites there share of the LEDS.

    I read on here that it isn't as important to trim the upper leaves as the LED's will penetrate the canopy for the secondary buds. I just dont want them to be deprived.

    I dont mind doing the deed (trimming leaves) but I would rather they keep as much as necessary for them to thrive without stress, but if it is what is suppose to be done, then I will certainly follow through with trimming,

    As I never did a scrog before , I don't know what exact appropriate action to take at this stage.

  4. I've scroged a few times and I usually don't trim until I get into the start of flowering. For the first few weeks of turning back to 12/12 when the plants are getting their growth spurt on, I'll remove a lot of fan leaves. If it shades a bud site, it comes off. It looks like you are reomving too many but within a couple of days it'll grow back and you repeat.

    When the growth stops, you don't need to do it any more, provided that you have as all bud sites out of the shade.

    I also remove everything under the screen as the canopy is usually too dense (even with militant strimming) and the popcorn nugs in the shade are a waste of energy for the plant.
  5. Thanks, I'm looking at different ways to provide more light to the buds below the cola's that are shaded by the uppermost leaves, there are not many below the screen that I'm concerned about.

    I dont know if I'm clipping too many (not removing, just cutting the leaves in half), at this point I'm thinking of pulling the leaves up towards the cola, (sort of like a "pony tail") so that the buds below will get there share of light (just an idea)
  6. What I did was take cable ties and strap the branches onto the screen to get them growing horizontally. This, by my calculations gets you the max. use of surface area exposed to the light.

    My current effort is one and a half weeks into flower. Not used a screen but have topped at least twice and tied the stems down with string attached to the sides of the pots to get them growing horizontally. Same principle. Also giving them the militant trimming to get as many bud sites into the light as pos.

    Not had a camera until today. Will take pics tomorrow and start a journal. I usually grow indicas or indy heavy hybrids so fatter leaves therefore more shading, I'd guess compared to sativas.
  7. I take it from the color in the pic you're using LED lights. Is that the main grow light? I hear they don't have good penetration compared to HIDs so would mean scroging's the right way to go.
  8. yes, 40 LED's , I'm really doin this to see if they will compete with the higher end LED's and alternative grows, there only drawing 360 watts and are very cool to the touch
  9. Instead of trimming this time , I tucked the leaves below the scrog using a short dowel

  10. ^ Looks good, your doing fine. You can tie the tallest bud sites down back onto the screen to fill the outer space around the edges. Either way, I wouldn't stress, your still going to get some good yeild by the looks of it.
  11. I was thinking let them stretch and then raise the scrog screen and then fill the remaining open scrog spaces

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