HELP!!!!!! Please need to know what these spots are

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  1. So I was inspecting my plants this morning and my number one lady has these spots on some of her lower fan leaves and I have no idea wat it is

    Two 125 watt cfls
    Oscillating fan
    Ffof 1 gal pots
    Temp low 70s to low/mid 80s
    Humidty 25%(planning on buying humidifier)

    Any and all input is appreciated

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  2. How old is the plant? Can you get a pic of the entire plant?
  3. [quote name='"qualitysense"']How old is the plant? Can you get a pic of the entire plant?[/quote]

    I got it as a clone it was probably 6 inches wen I got it ina cup been mine for 10 days
    Sorry for tha bad pic but its tha plant up front,

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  4. water burn and droopy leaf to much water are you getting the leafs wet when sun out
  5. [quote name='"chad0200"']water burn and droopy leaf to much water are you getting the leafs wet when sun out[/quote]

    Water burn? Lyke watering too much cuz ive only watered once n they been moist for lyke a week. And low humidity high temp problems and no I havent sprayed tha leaves need to invest in spray bottle
  6. No if the leaves get wet while you are watering and the light is on the beads of water will magnify the light and make small burned spots on the leaves.
  7. Yeah, probably splashed a bit of nuted water on the leaves. As long as new growth is healthy then I don't think you have too much to worry about.

    Also burnt tips. Just feed them at half strength as what you're doing at the moment. See how they get on from there.

    Looking good ;)
  8. Kk thanks for tha advice guys. Tha im on day 10 with this fox farm ocean forest and I kno its high in nutes so wen should I start with nutes?
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    when lower leaves get slightly yellow which'll be in a few weeks. I'm not a soil man, but I believe your soil's quite rich in nutes as it is, so water at the right ph and you're all good dude.

    Oh yeah, and when my leaves look a bit manky, I give them a bit of epsom salts. you can get this from any chemist. just half a teaspoon per gallon of water for the next two or three waterings usually clears things up.

    Hope this helps. Peace.
  10. for the dirt your using is what i use for dirt grow and i dont feed till i goto 12/12 or you will get nute burn there plenty of nute in the dirt till you flower them so just wait till you change to 12/12 then after one week of 12/12 then feed at half for a week the full str i done it this way for years with great results

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