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  1. Hi first grow. It's an auto, quick one ofc
    I kept taking the fan leaves off etc because I was too excited lol anyway its 6 and a half weeks out of the 9 any info/criticism appreciated. (I know its skinny and tiny.) Iam just happy its flowering lol thanks :)
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  4. I tend to refrain from removing leaves from autos.
    Others may do as you do...

    Happy is 'what it's all about'.
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  5. Next time, I would leave it alone for a while longer.
    I think part of the reason its so small, is cause it is in a tiny pot. I would try a 5 gallon pot minimum next time.
    Stop on by the 'Automatics make good Organic sinse' thread. There is some great info in the first few pages. Introduce yourself and say hi and we will get ya dialed in for your next grow. We are the friendliest most helpful folks you will ever chat with. From beginners to pros, we have folks at every level.
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