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Help please! chest pain

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bill5600, May 18, 2009.

  1. i used to smoke alot 2 years ago then stopped. I started back up again and have done it about 5 times now. today i smoked a joint, and about 2 hours later, i got chest pains. it felt very tight and uncomfortable and its a little harder to breathe. its been like 6 hours now and it feels the same way. Dooes this ever happen? will i be okay by tomorow morning you think?
  2. dude, chill:cool:
  3. It might be from coughing hard idk LOL
  4. you should be fine, probably just in your head if its 2 hours after you burned, ive had pains almost everywhere, so have my friends they come and go dont worry, take deep breaths and go for some fresh air
  5. it isnt in my head, and i didnt cough. this has never happened to me before. The pain is pretty bad and its sorta hard to breathe. Im getting paranoid about it now
  6. go outside, drink water, if its still bothering you take decongestant, mucinex or something, tylenol maybe, read lables of whats in your medicine chest and take one that has symtoms close to what you experience, also try they might be able to help more

  7. Any pains in your arms or neck? Are you sweating a lot?

    If not, it may just be a panic attack. However, if you have any of the symptoms above along with being short of breath and chest pains, it could be your heart.
  8. Your chest is a little sore, it happens bro.

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