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  1. my plant is about 1 1/2 weeks old and the leaves are starting to curl. I water every 3 - 4 days, and i haven't used any nutes. my other two plants seem fine. do u think it might be root bound?


    Here is a link to my grow journal.
  2. I think ther too close to the light. They need about 12-18 inches. you might grt heat spots too. like brown spots on the leafs.
  3. If those plants are still in those cups they will probably need to be transplanted to bigger pots real soon. Make sure the pots have good drainage. If your cups in the pictures there don't have drainage holes at the bottom, then the plants are probably over watered. As for the light, CFL's can be put pretty close to the tops of the plants. Put them a few inches above the plants and then put your hand over the tops of the plant. If your hand does not get too hot and can tolerate the heat for a while, then your plants can tolerate the heat too. Also, now that they are a few weeks old, you can fertilize them with some good fertilizer at half strength to start. Good luck.
  4. I agree with SmknVTEC. The light is definately not the problem. It looks like you are using CFL's and those can be 2-3" away with no problems. Also, and this is probably unrelated to your problem, but which side of the aluminum foil is facing your plants. It should be the flat (more dull) side.

    As for your problem, you could have root rot. Definately get some drainage in those cups, and you should probably think about transplanting them into some proper pots very soon. The plant(s) will recover, just make sure that the water you put in can leave if the plants don't use it (ie. drainage).

    Hey blowbud4life, the 12-18" rule is for HID lights.
  5. yep drainage problem, your soil is staying soaked underneath causing the problem

    put them in 6 inch pots.

    The brown spots are probably where the leaf at one point came in contact with the bulb.
  6. too much water for sure. I know someone who currently has two babies that won't drain and are doing the same thing. The others are fine and are right at the same size as yours, but now are under much bigger lights. :D

    Figure out some way to get the soil to dry some. Put a fan on it at least. Or set it next to a hot air vent or something. Make sure it's not too hot, tho.

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