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  1. About 2 days ago I topped my plant and slightly bent a few limbs to get light further down. My plant has stayed at the same height and no new growth. Did I hurt my plant? Its currently 4 weeks old today. I'll post pics as soon as I figure out how.
  2. 2nd photo is the area where I topped the plant

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  3. Looks pretty normal from here..Upwards growth will resume in a few days IMHO.
    When you topped her, she stopped and is now directing that energy to the "new" tops:)
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  4. As Buzzer777 stated, she looks normal.
    Your fine, she's healing and will resume growth soon.

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  5. Thanks. Guess I've got new daddy clinginess. I've got her in a DWC setup and a majority of her roots are touching the water, some are submerged. It hasn't presented a problem yet but should I put her in deeper setup so her roots aren't touching or leave her be and let her do her own thing?
  6. As long as you have enough air flow pumping into the reservoir you can leave about 3 inches from the bottom of the net pot to the water in your res container.

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