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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blowtreesgrow, May 5, 2011.

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  1. so recently i have become extremely lucky. one of my friends has a house near his, it is very secluded and in the woods. It has been open and unlocked for years now, atleast 5 or 6. it hasnt been touched in a long time. its a 1 story house with a huge ass basement. the upstairs is all hardwood floor only bad part is the house isnt furnished. but there is a very very very lucky solution for that. the best part isnt even there yet.

    the house nextdoor to the abondoned house is very big and very nice. and my friend just happens to have the keys to the house. his family was friends with theirs for a long time thats why he has the key. and the people just happened to move out a few weeks ago. the house is awesome. it seriously couldnt be any nicer. fully furnished, running water, working kitchen, working fridge and freezer. mad bedrooms and shit did i mention the place is fucking huge? prob close to a million dollar house

    im planning on throwing a fuckin rager at the smaller house, then taking a the most bangin bitches and my *****s to the other house and throw an after party and sleep eat breakfast and smoke mad blunts for wake n bake to kill the shitty hangover.

    was gunna charge everyone 5 at the door so we get money for beer and alc.

  2. You're a dick if you use and trash a house without permission.
  3. Haha sounds fucking sweet man
  4. I second sharks post.. Just go get drunk at some other kids party.... I had a few friends over around 14-15 and they tried to keep up with me, 2-4 ended up puking all over my brand new couch ( I still never sit In it to this day) while the other two invited there friends over.... You guys can guess my parents reaction...
  5. Sounds like a great way to get arrested.

    If one person who knows the place is supposed to be abandoned and sees a bunch of cars there say hello to the 5-0
  6. It's either going to go really well, or shit the bed. Last time I partied in an abandoned residence (long story, kid had a key to one of his dad's buildings) it was fucking awesome, until he got a call from his dad the next morning asking why the entire place smelled liek booze. I felt really bad for him. If this ends like that, you're the kid who everyone is going to feel bad for. That's going to blow for you.
  7. dont fuck with the neighbors house, just do it at the unfurnished one
  8. charge more, you will need it for bail money for breaking and entering
  9. yeah man count ur lucky stars that u even have 1 vacant house to party in
  10. Bitches. Dont listen to them. Do it OP!
  11. Upside, you throw a raging party.

    Downside, it's a trap, and you all die a horrible death.


    DO IT!
  12. I'd just get trashed at a different party and bring a SMALL group of banging bitches back to the other house for fun.

    Respect the house as well dont be a dick and trash a house you dont own or have permission to use.
  13. Yeah but you're going to need a shitload of empty boxes. The brown ones work the best, but if you have other colors, those will do. You'll need atleast 3,000 throughout the house. It'll make for a great time.
  14. My rule is never do two illegal things at once. Trepassing plus what I'm assuming is under-age drinking (not saying you're under 18, but being under 21 considering you don't have someone's actual legal apartment to party at seems likely), is begging for trouble.
  15. Get a lot of boxes.

    Like a ludicrous amount of cardboard boxes.

    That is the foundation of any good party.
  16. For real fuck that. Throw a rager go to bed in the master bedroom with a bitch and wake up getting dome sparking a blunt

  17. exactly...keepin the pong tables wth lights in the basement though so there wont be light coming from the windows. and the lasers are upstairs...
  18. if i was in your situation i would say less people the better...just get some fine women over there with some of your boys and lots of booze and bud its the perfect combination
  19. If you do do it, garbage bags are your best friend. Some to cover the windows, some for puke.

  20. THIS AGAIN????? I saw this on another thread a few weeks back damnit. What the hell are boxes used for at parties?
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