Help Pimp My Bong!

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  1. Hey all,
    I've been looking to spiff up my bong for a while now I just can't decide what to put.
    Here's a pic of my bong so you guys can get an idea of it (sorry for the dirtiness of it lol)
    How can I pimp my bong out? I'm thinking maybe an ashcatcher?
    Any suggestions are welcome :)
  2. plug + gong diffuser
  3. Get a new bowl piece.
  4. Ice Notchies look slick on that ;)
  5. how's he gonna put ice notches in it?

    smash some holes in the sides of the tube with a ball pein hammer and stick some dixie cups in 'em?
  6. def get a new bowl dude those thin ones always break when they get used to much. why not just buy a better bong?
  7. Don't wanna get an entirely new bong because this does the job plus I got it as a gift.
    The diffuser idea sounds cool and definitely looking into a new bowl for sure. But which? Hmmm...:confused:
  8. I would buy an AC and make an ice catcher by twisting up some wire... word up

    Not much else you can do cuz its not GonG

  9. well, if you get a gong diffuser, you're going to need a new gong bowl.
    you're grommet bowl won't fit a gong joint.
  10. first off i would start by bedazzling it, then i would add some sick stickers to it

    im kidding, maybe and a/c?
  11. uhh you'd spend just as much money making that one legit as you would just buying a new one.

    get a new bowl piece

    later when you got some extra money you wanna spend, get a GonG
  12. Hmmm... interesting. As for a new bong I will get one when this current one isn't sufficient or whatever.
    But for now I'm gonna pimp it out lol.
    For a new bowl piece, what are some to look out for, when purchasing? (I'm quite the noob when it comes to these parts of the bong) :eek:
  13. For some serious surgery, have a blower turn it into glass on glass.
  14. I actually think that bong looks badass as it is, a new bowl would definetly make it stand out more though.
  15. Thanks! If I were to convert this to GonG... what would I need?:p Just an inquiry to how much it would cost. Plus some example for bowl pieces would be great :)
  16. you can get the rubber stopper things for like $1-2 and a downstem for like $20, plain GonG bowls go for like $15-20

    depending on your local shop, might have to look around for it.
  17. I know. Your bong looks sweet as it is, but maybe add a cool new bowl..
  18. Thanks! I'll definitely get a new bowl and update you guys :)
  19. Any other suggestions?
  20. So I've decided on a conversion of this grommet bong to a GonG. How easy is it to pull out the grommet and rubber stopper? I was searching some sites and found a diffuser from Gorilla Glass to look into.
    Would this be able to replace my current downstem? Then I'll just add either a slider bowl or an ashcatcher.
    What you guys think?

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