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Help out a lil sister in need.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by granadethrow, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Ight, so my lil sister got caught with bud (smoking behind school for a dance) in october of last year, when she was 14, now she's 15. My parents are the typical anti-pot, "weed kills brain cells and lowers your sperm count," so they don't know their shit. Then my dad came down on her hard (parents are divorced) and my mom freaked out but got over it by February. My lil sister now has gotten everything that was taken back, but her reputation with other families in town (very small town) is completely ruined. Also my dad "trusts" her but doesn't have "blind faith" in her, so basically he sort of trusts her but still gives her DT's every few weeks. I know this is fucking rediculous:(. Anyone remeber how to get a reputation back or get parents to chill the fuck off? Or any movies to educate ignorant parents? She cries now and then over how it is still so shitty. BTW, im in college, so don't be saying i'm underage, and don't post things i didn't ask for like "hey man let here brain mature a lil man" sorry for the rant but i hate trolls. Any help would be apreiciated:)
  2. fake piss? i doubt parents would watch their child take the test, if its homemmade just cheat it if she cant pass, that builds trust, as long as she passes, kissing ass also does wonders,
  3. Have a showing of The Union for the whole town to see.
  4. Your sister shouldn't be smoking pot, her sperm count is low enough as it is!!! :p
  5. i guess thats true, and they test on monday mournings right when she wakes up, so keep it on her person sunday night, then i guess she's ok, but its not the not smoking part, its the trust and the shunning by the locals that gets her down.
  6. Get your parents to watch "Super High Me" to educate them a little about it, its like "Super Size Me" but he is sober for 30 days then smokes pot from when he wakes up to when he goes to bed for 30 days, along the way they do tests for educational, health, and some others.
  7. Fuck the locals, if they cant accept her for who she is then why should she care? Teach her to hate everything.
  8. if i had enough money for a truck and a screen i would...:D
  9. Personally, i think shes too young, but the way i got my parents to stop caring was to get arrested/in trouble alot, not the bes tidea(actually, a horrible idea), after the second expulshion and the 4th or 5th time in trouble with cops they realized i wasn't going to stop no matter how hard they tried unless they homeschooled me, and they ain't smart enough to homeschool me:p
  10. the union is a very good movie you can find it on google video
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    Just go to google video, type in The Union. VERY, VERY good movie, there is also a very good book, i made a thread with a link in the activism section.
    The union: the business behind getting high, and the book The emporer Wears No Clothes are two very informational sources.
    Also, DO NOT show them Super high me, a HORRIBLE movie on the documentary part, its more for comedy. Its shows him getting really spaced out a lot, but would be funny after they have accepted cananbis. He also says he doesnt care about all the information that people are telling him, and 'that he just wants to smoek it'
    and, cant remember)
  12. you could buy a projector to hook up to your computer for less than 1000 if youre willing to make the investment to fix the rep and promote it in the town, but then again its only three years then she could just leave and probably will leave for college if her rep stays like that
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    Agreed with the union,
    i disagree on super high me, it is more of a comedy that ffails then an educational video, they don't cite many studies, sources, facts.....

    And as far as the whole reputation thing goes, respect is not something you get overnight, and i know how she feels. kids parents used to see them with me and they would txt them and tell them to get home, they would get drug tested the second they walked in the door. tell her to slow down on the smoking and when people ask her bout it tell them"nah, i quit that shit"or something like that, if she really wants to lie to get her rep back with parents.
  14. lol,cheating builds trust
  15. as long as nobody finds out, i mean its a home drug screen, thats so easy to beat compared to a test by a probation officer or rehab
  16. Unfortunately, yes it does, if you succeed, if you fail, you go straight downhill
  17. Idk, I know a lot of people who're so convinced that pot is evil that they're unwilling to even listen to someone who's for it. I guess the only advice I can give it to a) have her cheat on the tests, so she can at least smoke, and b) try to just prove through behavior that she's not some evil person.
  18. I see. So your parents are concerned about the sperm count of your younger sister?
  19. Ask your sister if someone broke trust with her, like a boyfriend cheated or a friend lied about something important, how would it take for her to trust that person again. Part of it is hurt. You don't think parents get hurt but when you trust your child and think they are being straight with you and doing the right thing and then you find out they're lying and sneaking around, it hurts just like when a friend or girl/boyfriend does it to you. Your sister should feel bad about treating your parents like that.
  20. ^^^^^

    What's more hurtful, her parents finding out that she smokes a harmless plant that they probably smoked themselves at some point, or the fact she knows that her parents are so mistrustful of her that they DT her every fucking week?

    As for advice, the last thing your sister should do is stop smoking. That only reinforces that weed is bad and she shouldn't do it. Read up on how to beat DTs, and pass on the knowledge to your sister.

    Also, show your sister the stoner "code" :D.

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