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  1. My fellow blades, im looking for reasonable advice from you guys. I am a freshman in a majorly white college (im african american) and im thinking about joining a frat. First i was super excited about it but now that rush week has started for spring semester im feeling a bit awkward. I've heard stories about some frats being racist and all, etc.
    I guess basically my worries is that i wont be accepted or if i am theyd want me to endure racial comments and all. My blades dont take this the wrong way, im not a racist or anything its just from all the frats events and i usually only seen like 1 or 2 that have that one black frat guy just chilling there. Truthfully i dont want to just get an automatic bid for the diverse recognition. I would rather i earned it without any special attention but i feel thats not going to happen. I guess im just confused/hesitant. Are there any older frat members who can shed some advice or someone whos in the same position as me, appreciate it.

    You from Africa?

  3. I pledged a top tier fraternity at my highly greek school my freshman year. There were a couple black kids.. 
    I mean the whole purpose of pledging is to create a bond between brothers and promote brotherhood ect. so if you get a bid and start the process, you should damn well assume they like you and I would not expect any racial shit if I were you.
    If you feel cool with them and you could see yourself being bros with these kids then I wouldn't worry too much. If someone steps out of place let them know. 
    The point isn't to make you feel like shit during the pledge process.. it is to break you down as a group and build you all back up together as one. If you get singled out with racial names then that isn't very brotherly and does not help the group be as one
  5. i might just be overthinking this way too much, but idk guys. I've heard that frats are basically buying friends and im not really all for that but ill see what goes on till the bidding process. Do yall have any tips on how to secure a bid?
  6. I got offered bids into 3 frats and had no desire to join one. If you want to secure a bid best bet is to show up frequently, talk to the brothers, and at least for me rip bongs with them. One guy was so impressed by my rip he asked me to join lol.In my opinion most frat guys are just trying to make friends because they are weird/douchey and it wasn't for me. Good luck though.
  7. I'm not gonna lie I'm actually real nervous bout it but fuck it.

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    I doubt that was the sole reason. I know you know this too, so, *edit* Lol!
    Anyway, I hope i made you feel better about the racism part. Now you are still a bit nervous huh? So what is it? You ask how to secure a bid.. worried about them not accepting you?
    How to secure a bid you ask? You shouldn't want to try to secure a bid if you do not naturally. Find which frat guys you get along with best. Just ask to talk w the president and tell him you are interested and it should snowball from their. Doesn't matter. Do your thing and find who you get along with. I don't know what else to say.
    You arn't buying friends, you are buying a fucking huge house that pays for all of your alcohol food and gives free pussy buffet every tuesday thursday friday and saterday.
    If you view it as buying friends, it is not for you.
  9. I appreciate it man. The problem is definitely from me not them. I guess I'm just a little bit nervous when I'm around too many people of one race but ima try and change though. Another is that I'm not really an alcohol fan and most of these people like to get shit faced. I'd rather much get high as fuck but it's not really too popular to be outspoken about it in the fraternities.

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  10. The bong rip wasn't the only thing but it was what led him to ask me if I wanted in. Frat life is cool for some but you can get girls and drink alcohol without 80 other people in an old, shitty house. It's all preference. OP not drinking is weird for fraternities. At least in my experience every member gets fucked up.
  11. Watch some Jimmy T and you'll be alright. :laughing:

    But seriously, good luck. :smoke:

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