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  1. Right I have a 1 month mother White widow plant under 1 600w hps lamp and I think it's about time to take the cuttings. But I have tried be for and it didn't work I have read ip about it and I have watch loads of vids on how to do it. And I still can't do it. Is there any one who no's how to do it and would be abull to tell me how to do it the best and easiest way... Thanks............
  2. Do you mean just trimming? like...cutting big ass fan leaves to help get more light to areas that were unreachable before? And by 1 month you mean into flowering right?
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    Here's a c&p of an unfinished writeup of my cloning procedure. Sorry if anything's missing or difficult to understand. Work in progress.

    Start clones under 24hrs light till standing up (about a day) then switch to 16/8. Roots grow fastest at night, so all rooting clones should have a dark period. Use damp peat pucks buried in damp perlite. Cut all clones from a given mother at once, placing each in a shotglass of water immediately after it's cut. Re-cut each stem under water just before applying rooting hormone. Hold it in the water for a minute and then dip in rooting powder. Re-dipping in water after applying rooting powder has been tested and found to be a bad idea. Alternatively, they can be re-cut in liquid rooting hormone instead of water. Clones must be planted in the pucks immediately. We use a large metal pot with a glass lid set slightly ajar. A heating pad is mandatory and there must be plenty of insulation between the pad and the clone pot. Test the pot & pad setup for at least a day, adding extra insulation between them until the bottom of the pot gets only slightly warm. Use no fertilizers. Wet peat pucks with plain water ph'd to 5.8. Arrange the clones inside the pot and cover the peat pucks with damp perlite. Place the pot under fluorescents. The lid of the pot should have slight condensation on its underside. If water drips from the condensation, the humidity is too high. The humidity should be just high enough to keep the clones alive but still less than the dampness of the peat. If the clones get too much H2O from the air, they won't grow roots to reach out searching for water. Check the temperature at the bottom of the pot very regularly to avoid cooking your babies.

    I've used Rootone, Olivia's and Dip n Grow; all with 100% success rates for at least most groups of clones.
  4. i use those rapid rooters. and a cloning gel. i cut the clone at a 45 deg angel, then i up a few fine cut along the stem, dip in the gel and place it in the rooter plug.
    i also use a big cake cover to keep them in. then i just spray the with water everyday.
    it helps to keep the room warm.
  5. Wow I am a dumbass, Didnt even think you were talking about cloning haha. well lots of good answers already so :smoke:
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    That will help as well mate. How big should the cuttings be, and how do u trim the leaf properly....
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    Thanks that will help so much. I'll tell u if it works. And how big should I take my cuttings?...
  8. Dude go on you-tube.
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    Don't u think I have not been there?....
  10. I just cut like 4 off my plant, soaked the stem in b1 for 20 minutes put it in a cup of water, then a week or so later it had 2 inch roots on it... that was my first try

    Good luck
  11. I cut a clone from a plant, dip it in Clonex, stick it into a 1.5" cube of Rockwool and then into a DIY bubble cloner. Roots in ~10 days. Easy peasy.

  12. This ^... works well.

  13. MOST important thing is the 15 watt fluorescent shop light. If you give them too much light they will; never root and probably die. I know someone that puts cuttings in a ziploc with some water and just throws it in the vegetable tray in the fridge. Theres a small light on in there 24/7, and 1 month later, vua la, roots. So with rooting hormone, 45 degree cut, and a low wattage white light you should be good in 1 week. Good Luck
  14. I figured you prob. had but not sure you know. Sorry to hear about the issues. Sometimes you just don't know why these things happen. Good luck.
  15. I heard they dont root nearly as fast when cold but if it works for him thats pretty sweet

  16. All clones should have at least one set of fan leaves to feed on. These leaves will yellow and die as the plant uses the nutrients in them to grow roots with. The clones also need at least one more smaller set of growing leaves at the top for gathering light after the fan leaves die. Smallish clones tend to root better because their stems aren't as woody. It wouldn't hurt to take a few of different sizes to see what works best for you, as long as the bigger ones don't completely overshadow the smaller ones. My clones usually stick out about 3" above the peat pucks, so they'd be about 4" tall overall.

  17. Even though the refrigerator is like 35-40 degrees or so? Wouldn't the extreme cold kill it?
  18. To the OP:

    Wtch this video. If you're still confused, watch it again.


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