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  1. My sister was recently diagnosed with genital warts. I am researching on genital warts and treatments for her. I found out that genital warts are just mere manifestations that you have a virus called HPV which is a more serious matter. It's more serious because it will never leave your body no matter what. It resides in there. So I thought that treatments should at least attack this virus rather than the warts itself. Are there treatments like this that you know or, better yet, have already proven to be effective? Please let me know. I'm trying to help my sister out. She's currently on Zerowarts but it was just given to us so I don't really know if it'll really work or not. Please comment about this. Thanks!
  2. The last time I did any looking on this one I read that something like 50% of the sexually active population has at least one strain of HPV. some studies are leaning as high as 75%
    one a couple of strains actually cause issues for guys, but several/many of the strains increase a woman's chance of cervical cancer significantly.
    other than that, they're just unsightly, and if they move to the anal region can cause issues due to cleanliness problems.
    you can control outbreaks but it's like herpes, it's pretty much for life.
  3. Maybe your "sister" should visit a different doctor than the one who diagnosed her to get another opinion on the most effective treatment options.
  4. ok i think we really need to schedule an appointment with another doctor. and this time he must be a really good one. thanks for the idea. anyway, my sister is still on that zerowarts cream and we have seen slight improvement over the weekend.

    jnr003, what's with the quotation marks on the word sister??? thanks anyway.
  5. My guess would that it means it is a bit tough to think that the sister isn't actually you, or that this is a troll post. Don't blame the messenger.
  6. Genital warts are nasty things. I saw a picture back in high school of a dick with genital warts and it looked like Sloth from The Goonies.

  7. Enjoy your warts too.
  8. Make sure you get a second or even a third opinion from a professional. The sooner the better, honestly.
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    Damn dude, you're really in touch with your sisters pussy.

    Weird. :wave:
  10. Viruses are incurable. They either run their course and go away like a cold, or they stick with you for life like HIV. Some can be treated and controlled but no virus has ever been cured.

  11. ya man whats up with that????

    if you got genital warts and or HPV its really no big deal, especially since you are seeking out advice on how to treat it the correct way. sheesh, no need to hide behind your sister :p

    but for real if this is your sis and you are "noticing improvement" that is kinda weird lol
  12. heya, first of all, i am not a dude. i am a girl. :) lol

    and my sister and i happen to tell everything to each other. she talks to me about anything and who else to talk about genital warts than your sister? it's embarrassing to open up about this to other people. anyway, her warts fell off! she said zerowarts worked for her. does she still need to ask for a doctor's opinion on this?
  13. Yes. Go to the clinic and see a doc and get treated professionally which involves freezing. Please, before she spreads it, see a real doctor.
  14. She has set an appointment already. Thanks!

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