Help on my Engineering statics homework please

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  1. Problem - "Design a bolted joint to attach a suitable American Standard Steel channel at a 15 degree angle to store the bundle of nominal 8 inch diameter x 30 feet long seamless wrought steel pipe. An identical member 20 feet away supports the other end of the bundle. The bundles may vary from center by 1.5 feet. The W18X55 vertical members and the channels are made from ASTM A36 steel"

    I know how to determine the bolts once I figure out the force. I am having trouble determining the effect the 15 degree angle has. The pipes way a total of ~6000lb. To figure out the resulting force on the cantilever beam Fy do I just use

    Fy = 6000lb (cos) 15 = 5795.55 lb
    Fx = 6000lb (sin) 15 = 1552.91 lb

    AGAIN I dont need any help on determing what bolts to use, I just need help finguring out the resultant force acting on the cantilever beam with the angle, I cant find any example problems like this.

    I really appriciate any help guys, this is a take home quiz due in about a week, My teacher did a horrible job of teaching statics.

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  2. yeah, i think you did it right.

    however, would there not be contact point between the vertical support and the bundles?

    also, should you be including distance from pivot aswell as the angle? since you are talking about torque here.

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