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  1. i need to get rid of these man boobs any tips
  2. Yeah, run and eat healthier.
  3. Breast reduction surgery
  4. CK pretty much covered it.
  5. To eliminate the titties you must know what the titties are mostly composed of. Fat.

    Start taking fat burning supplements, start with taking 100-500 mg of niacin after you eat and go to bed. You want to go to bed because it causes your skin to get inflamated and turn into a brief rash. which is something you probably don't want to be awake for because it sucks... I took it for drug tests because thats where THC is stored.... Now don't be alarmed because it only going to be there for a couple hours or more depending on how much you take. But don't just start taking off the chain to speed up the process because amounts more than 1500-2000mg are toxic and start eating up the more than fat.

    Niacin is easy to get, cheap and over the counter. But don't expect instant gratification. You need to drink a lot of water and do some exercise with it for it to work right. This can be combined with frequent trips to the suana to also help speed up the Niacin.

    And if you do take niacin and the rash gets to unbearable just take a nice cool or hot bath and it will relieve some of the pain.

    But yea I took 500mg before bed and woke up and ran. I lost weight and got thc clean. I was 165 and after 3-4 weeks i got down to 150 with relative ease and minimal diet change, with some infrequent exercise.
  6. You don't have to take anything. Just plan your exercise and diet accordingly. If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight.
  7. Niacin helps though, attack it where it hides.
  8. Step 1 - Lose weight. Spot reduction doesn't happen, and you cannot target fat loss in one specific area. You'll need to be on a caloric deficit.
    Step 2 - Replace with muscle. I assume you'll have some extra skin there that used to be filled with fat. Some of the skin will shrink , but the best thing to do is grow your pecs.
  9. Eat less, be more active. That's all I did and I lost 30 over the course of a summer. Now, it may be a bit unhealthy to lose that much weight quickly, but whatev, turned me into a sex god
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  11. wish to explain ?
  12. Exercise them. There's gotta be some sort of one.

    If there's an exercise for your dick then why not your own man breasts?
  13. swim swim swim swim swim. Use paddles/pullbuoys and flippers/kickboards for extra "strength" training. You can also do weights on the side and lots of stuff like situps/pushups/pullups

    Honestly, swimming is one of the best exercises out there. Just make sure you try and have decent technique also, you might develop tendonitis in your shoulder/problems in your knees like I did.

    Swimming might be easier than running because (in my experience) it's harder to run out of breath.

    It's one of the many things I miss, but I can't go back to it as long as my shoulder prevents me :'(

    Hope I helped
  14. Gynecomastia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    if you've got that then you can exercise 24/7 it won't do shit, youll need to get those titties cut off by a surgeon, but if not then yeah just exercise and eat right, but there's a difference between 'man boobs' as related to being overweight and actual man boobs
  15. grab your boobs and squeeze them, make sure you get every single drop of fat out of your nipples, its good to lick your thumb and rub the tip of your nipples before you start to get a more smooth fat ejeculation
  16. Stop eating shitty food.
  17. Fun fact, smoking weed contributes to gynecomasta.

  18. That is definitely a myth.
  19. Just wear a bra:laughing:

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