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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kANE, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Can anyone help me i just want to know if this light would be ok to use

    Mild steel powder coated 250W SON Lowbay. Designed for heights above 3m. Fully removable gear tray allows for easy access to main housing - excellent for maintenance. Universal fixing arrangements for chain mounting. Drop rod. Direct conduit. Complete with thermal cut -out and 250W SON lamp.

    My grow room is W670mm H1860mm D830mm
    would this light do for flowering? as i am useing flows at the moment on 4 plants thay are about 11in tall
  2. yeah it sounds ideal to me. i use lowbays but depending on how im gonna hang them i normaly remote mount the ballast. the 250 lobay will light ur garden good as it is tho.
  3. just picked up a lowbay from a scrap dealer i know.....don't know the power of it yet, as i haven't looked, i'm gonna remove the metal case that's it's in, so that it's just the bulb and reflector and then run the wires to my cupboard in the room, to help the heat problem i have with my kane, it's the same style as yours.......but depending on your growroom temp allready you may be best to keep the ballast doing some dry-runs first to check temp, then if it's too high, do what i'm doing..........hey barnaby, if i don't need this light, you up for a free gift?, it's just i thought i heard you say a while back that you were going to be expanding the growroom....all you'd need to pay is delivery of it!!, someone elses house of course ;) .........Peace out.........Sid

    at a guess i'd reckon it's a 400, but it may be a 600

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