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  1. Hey everyone .. So I'm pretty sure my babies have nutrient burn and have for over a month maybe a month and a half roughly and I've stopped feeding them (used foxfarm big bloom) and flushed them twice. Not sure what to do with them because they haven't grown much if at all since before i first gave them the fox farm.. :/ Anyone know how i can correct this problem if it isn't already too late?

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  3. They also appear to have too much nitrogen. You need to run water through each pot until you get significant run off. Let a gallon or so of runoff come out of the pot to wash out some of the built up nutrients. After that let the plants sit and dry out for at least 2 days, maybe longer. Come back feeding about half what you were and work up if needed.

    What is the ph of your feed water?
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  4. Thank you... Haven't been keeping track of ph i have no idea
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  5. Yeah you got too many fertilizers going in your soil, leach the soil with plenty of water on your next watering day. I do equal amounts of water to pot size (3 gallon pot = 3 gallons of water). once your plant recovers, begin to add nutes again in 1/4-1/2 strength. I usually run a gallon of water before a gallon of nutes on feeding day to continue to flush out salts from the months prior.
  6. Some hydroponic growers will periodically run a flush with a solution like GH florakleen or AN flawless finish not for a end grow flush but mid cycle to prevent nutrient salt buildup. Once in mid veg, once at changeover to flower, and once at mid flower cycle do a 2 hour soak with these products to help remove buildup and prevent lockout.

    I've found that if you feed lite and often you rarely have to deal with lockout. There's a property in physics that I forgot the name of that has to do with crystal/deposit formation. Once crystals/deposits start growing they will attract more of that material to the crystal and continue to grow. At some point a flush becomes necessary.

    I've used GH florakleen to free up lockout and it works great. One of the best things about medium-less hydro like DWC is you can fix problems like lockout in a few hours instead of days when in a medium.

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