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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by This Bud, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Hey peeps I got a prob with some plants, hope I can get some answeres. I've got several strains going and am having probs dialing in my ferts. I have WW, Bubblicious, NL, and Skunk Special, all Nirvana, sitting under 250Watts/HPS. All plants, except SS are looking sickly with severe yellowing and rusting on the older leaves. The first thing I did was suspect nute deficiencies, so I gave a little extra nitrogen in my mix to no avail. Next(few days later)after seeing no noticable difference, decided to flush all plants, suspecting nute overdose, didn't really seem to help all that much either. The last thing I did(3 days ago)was to water with Epsom salt and lime, hoping this would solve my dilemma, but no, this doesn't seem to be helping either. Like I said, Skunk Special shows none of the aforementioned problems. Other than the sic color and rusted older leaves, the plants are still growing pretty good, but I know they could be a lot healthier. I need help here so,HHHHHEEEELLLLPPP
  2. all i can suggest you do is flush!
  3. i think what may have happened was that you might have used a soil, that is quite high in nutes.......the ss is probably just a strain that likes more nutes than the rest........i'm guessing that the burned lower leaves were from fert burn, due to the high you flushed them, at this point, if you didn't use approx 3 times the medium's size in water...(i.e., flush 9 gallon for a 3 gallon pot)....then all that happened was that you released more ferts into the soil, as the nutes are designed to be time relesed, with water..........i.e. they release over say 20 days, depending on how wet the soil is..............i'd do as dread say's and flush the soil with ph adjusted water,............and more of it this time............Peace out.........Sid
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I really did think these plants were deficient in nitrogen so I gave em a nitrogen boost(alfafa tea) after I asked the question yesterday and if no noticable difference is observed I will do a major flush. Sid you are probably right as far as not flushing with enough water. I never thought of that, that it might release more nutes into the soil. I flush, using a hose, so there's no way for me to know exactly how much water I used. If my alfafa tea doesn't straighten out this problem(hope it does) I'll flush the toilet again. Happy growing

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