[help] Nute burn?

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    Sup guys
    I have a little def plant, as you can see on the picture, the leafs born with an angle of 90º :eek:

    As you can see the tips of the plant are burned, is this nut burn?
    The plants were in some shit soil, i transplanted them to light mix 4 days ago. The plant continued to grow and 2 days ago by mistake I gave a little fert ( Fish mix by biobizz) , the day after she was like this. Nute Burn?

    Should I Continue to fert?
    And just one more question, the leaf will last until the plant dies like this or she will regenerate? ( the leaf)


    And, wrong focus, sorry guys
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  3. Yes, now i have a good soil ( Light mix from biobizz ), if i say the age to you, you will think ridicolous. This plant is almost 1 month old, i see people with bigger plants in 2 weeks. Many problems so far, should i really trasplant again, the plant will be even more stressed.. Yes, first proper grow. But the plant was with a light green color, but since i transplanted them they may take a while to get the nutes from the soil.. ( transplanted to proper soil 4 days ago )
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  5. I think i will wait a bit to see what happens. Yes , i also had root rot in some plants, didn't understood why, i think i overwatered, and the plants were also in some shit soil from a chinese shop. :eek:
    But as everybody says, you learn with errors
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  7. Went to the spot.
    A new seedling that was right after this cup , some m****** bird ate the seedling.

    on this baby, the bottom leafs, the burned part started to curve ( bad signal ? ) -> may change soil again tomorrow.

    Jisus man, the herb god is against me.:mad:
    Forgot to take a picture
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  9. wow 1 month looks like a couple of days, id say you water it too much and that your ph is way off

  10. Yes, i watered to much, correct that already.
    No, the ph is good i already made the color test, since i transplanted to light mix she is fine ( right ph ) . :(

  11. When should you start feeding the plant?
    I'm growing on Light mix by biobizz, but as soon it gets bigger I will transplant to all mix. It will be a fresh soil, it will have more nutes, these nutes with ferts together burn the plant?

    I will try to get a better picture today :p
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  13. Biobizz chart says to start with 1 ml/L, so i should go for 0.25 ml per litter of water on the first feedings right. I'm not going to fert now, i'm just planning for when i start feeding.

    Here the pictures,
    I think it looks alot better, it was so light green, now i can see dome dark green coming out. ( Still think this plant is a mutant)


    Here is the place where I put them. ( that box )


    Waiting to se some conclusions, as you can see a bit got burned :(
  14. Havin shit lick huh bro? We all have It some times so keep at it and you'll conquer this shit.
    A good idea when your setting up the bucket of soil your gonna grow in is to add a nice three or four inch layer of perlite at the bottom so you know water will never be able to sit there and rot your roots. Never feed any sort of nutes to a baby plant. And remember mj is at its most happy and firm right before the soil dries out. It likes it cool and damp. Not soaked. Soaked just slows everything down. Oxygen to the root system is key and also that more roots more fruits

  15. Maybe that's why they have 1 month and look like they have 3 days. I think i overwatered too much the plants, but now i only water when soil is not humid, and just aa bit to make sure it reaches the roots
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  17. Yes, the new grasscity interface f**** the pics :(
    Yes man! Today i went to the plant that was sick, she looks aloooooooot better. 
    My other 2 plants at home window, are doing fine too, one had some PH and root rot problem but she is fine now, took some pictures but they are not in good quality, tomorrow i upload some decent ones!
    I hope you stay with me in this journey my friend  :hello:
  18. AHHHHH bad news.
    Don't know what happened.
    Yesterday ( didn't took a picture) she was so beautiful, dark green, super good looking that i also left the box open for more sun.
    TodaY the day had some super light rain,, and when I reach the spot,
    I see this sh****:
     What's Happening? :(
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