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  1. Alright, heres whats going on. I'm completely confused on how to handle this. I have read so much information that just contradicts itself. I started a plant about a month or two ago. This is not the first time I attempted this but its the only "realistic" time.

    I'm at a loss of whats going on with my plant. I had it outside untill recently to keep a better eye on it. So i need any advice possible ill post pics tell me what you think.(fertilize, toppping, light, and SEX!!!) I cannot determine forsure the absoulte sex. it do not really see any "pods" but i do not see a white pistol there are small green leaf things that grow out of the stalks.

    what i have done, Keep it watered. use a foliage spray. added a 10-10-10 fertilizer when it was younger. seltzer water. peroxide every now and then. the light im using is around 4100 i believe.
    ANY ADVICE HELPS!!! thank you.

    Browning & yellowing bottom leaves


    the tops


    the green pistils i was talk about (i cannot find any pods... *croses fingers*)

    And the whole plant( with a soda can to show size)
  2. Im using a florescent light (just basic two tubes 4100) and i use another small one for supplemental lighting. thought i would add that
  3. What kind of soil are you using??

    If that is foil, you should really take it down... bad hot spots... just use flat white paint, if you cant get mylar...

    And how close are the florescent lights? Looks a little stretchy...

    I am definitely no professional, but I would top her before you have a tallll monster on your hands! Unless you have another 4 feet for her to stretch:D
  4. how many watts, and why seltzer water & peroxide?
    how old is the plant from seed or clone?
    what are your room temps?

    from the looks of it you are not getting enough light, and your light needs to be closer than it is. with florescents they can be like 2 in away.

    give more details and I will see if I can help more.
  5. ok, i just moved them inside. Thanks for the tip on the foil ill bring it down. Its been outside i brought it in to control the lighting it looks stretchy because it almost died outside at one point. the lights are about 2-3" away. Seltezer and peroxide i read the peroxide mixed with water can help kill mold and provide oxygen for the roots. the seltzer is for the opposite to make co2. the plant is getting to be about 2 months (guessitmate)
  6. and how would i go about topping her and also im thinking of sending her into flowering...
  7. topping, cut above one of the v's (two fan leaves, then new growth, above that should be the main stalk and cut it there.) the height you cut off will be up to you.

    you can use rain water to get oxygen to your roots it works just fine. I would use a different method to get CO2, adding seltzer every two weeks is not adding a constant amount of CO2, rather a burst of CO2 every two weeks, also most of the CO2 is absorbed though the plant its self not roots. You want to get your CO2 mixture in the air in the environment to about 1200ppm, seltzer will never let you achieve that.
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    im working on a limited budget. what would you say is the best way to get c02 to it and is it even necessary? its only one plant and the area its its has alot of openings to the outside. althogh they are small (cracked windows) and also do you see any signs of its sex?? ive been looking all over and its non conclusive. also if you can think of anything that helped you or that im doing wrong tell me. like the foil thing! i thought it was a great idea. guess not.
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    I understand that, CO2 in my opinion in not 100% necessary unless your temps are going to constantly be at or over 80-85F. Looks like you are running a really small closet grow so something like this or a boost bucket would work. or if you are on a real tight budget you can create your own CO2 for really cheap with yeast, sugar and water.

    good luck

    Sex: you just have to be patient and wait for it to show sex, start flowering it and it will show sex faster. Hope it is a girl.

    and try to give it more light. like I said originally if you boost it to 400W of light you will see a huge improvement in growth
  10. a homeade Co2 generator, or investing in some computer fan venting would be best on a budget id say.
  11. I would only spray the foliage with the seltzer, kinda a waste to be watering with it... 3-4 times a day in veg, 1-2 times a day in flower...

    There are DIY setups for CO2, if you are working on a low budget (yeast+sugar+water), I did it once, made a mess and never did it again. Instead I just made sure I had a good source of fresh air. Maybe someday if I ever go "big scale", I will consider it again...
  12. OK, just so people know there is not enough CO2 in even a 2 liter to have any benefit to plants. CO2 is a gas there for when it is force carbonated into water it creates bubbles, that's it. When you open that soda/seltzer the CO2 starts escaping imminently. think about it, how many PPM is forced into that 2 liter not much considering it is forced at 30PSI for about two to three days and only a small amount is actually absorbed by the liquid. If the average PPM in air is about 300, and a single human working in a sealed room can bring it up to 600 PPM, what the hell good is a 2 liter going to do. Raise it 1 PPM tops, you simply need to produce a constant amount of CO2 not remove small amounts of CO2 from a bottle and place it in a room that is going to be vented, your gas will be blown out through your ventilation. That is why all the decent small scale products are CO2 generation based not transfer based. Generation a constant supply of CO2 is what is needed not small bursts of CO2 that dissipate quickly, even spritzing the leaves 3-4 times a day will add enough CO2 to have any benefit.
  13. I think you meant to put a "not" in your last line:D


    so it will work...just a little:metal::D
  14. funny guy, and a "not" was needed. yes, you can waste time and money doing it but you will see no impact on growth at all with 1 PPM. so yes it will work a "just a little" good luck
  15. hey man i never suggested it in the first place... but even you admitted it would have an effect. and unless you have a thread on here with a side by side comparison of two clones, treated identically with the exception of Seltzer, then where is your scientific method?
  16. alright douche, I was trying to help out. don't jump in my shit because I know basic high school science. I was under the impression that no scientific method was needed for common sense. I was speaking sarcastically when I gave the 1PPM estimate to be realistic it probably does absolutely nothing.

    here you go some references that might help

    Plant Biology, by Thomas L. Rost
    (this will give you the basics on how plants actually work)
    Marijuana Grower's Handbook, by Ed Rosenthal (this has a very interesting article on CO2)

    The plant biology class at you local university should help quell your severe retardation. Yeah other people on the internet can be bitches too, not just you. So fuck off, if your not helping your hindering.
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    :laughing::laughing::laughing: Thanks for that :):wave::gc_rocks:

    EDIT: BTW, page 140 of Ed's book, YES Seltzer WILL work, expensive though, and best only with small plants, clones or seedlings... you read the book right?
  18. ok, i went out and got another fan and ph strips...whats the best way to test you ph with just strips...i read the seltzer thing in a grow app haha
  19. great I read that too. but "expensive though" "small plant" "clone" do not apply to OP's comment "im working on a limited budget." does it? especially when you can be quoted as saying "I would top her before you have a tallll monster" does not sound like it fits his situation at all.

    but on to actually helping, you should be able to water and test the runoff water in the overflow tray. Should be instructions on the package in how to read the results.
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    So I was right. Thanks:D

    EDIT: Lets think about the costs here my friend... how many bottles of seltzer do you really think it would take to make it through harvest... maybe 10 liters max($10)... and the cost of any other sort of CO2 generator?

    and I said "before" he has a monster... If you consider what he has right now as anything other than a small plant, I feel bad for you:D

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