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Help? (not a growing question)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokinBro, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So I met this girl a couple days ago, she was visiting my city, but she will be back. I really like her and I think she kinda likes me too. We kissed twice while she was here, and I really dont want her to move on to another guy. I text her and facebook her, but i havent that much because the whole time she was here, she was complaiing about a guy that does. When I do text her, we seem to have pretty good conversations, but i find myself not texting her because i have nothing to talk about, I just want to talk to her. Do you guys ever miss someone? and what are some good conversation starting texts.:eek::(:confused::wave:
  2. Universal Question: How was your day?

    Insert a smiley face to the end, and you've got yourself a conversation starter.

    I do it all the time, or I just text them a smiley face and see what they reply. hahaha
  3. I wouldn't start something with her unless she was in my city. I don't do long distance.

  4. i honestly dont give a fuck
  5. No, this is the most annoying shit in the world when guys do this. And smiley faces ALWAYS make shit annoying/awkward. Just be like "hey, what's up?" or tell her something funny or ask her a question (even if you know the answer) like "ok so I was ______ , and ______ happened. Do you have any idea the best way to fix it?" Or "Hey I have to get a gift for my mom and I need some help...."
  6. My point is be creative, she'll appreciate it
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    Neither do bitch may as well be imaginary.

    OP. Are you from frisco...? or did you just move here sometime shouldn't have any problem with bitches being from here..
  8. [ame=]‪The Prayer - Kid CuDi‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  9. everyone likes and dislikes different things you may not like smileys or whatevs doesnt mean this particular girl doesn't, it would feel weird if i didn't use smileys imo cos i always do it and its part of what makes me, me so i wouldn't change myself just to be with some girl :D.

    to op just be yourself dude and if you miss her why not just say that you miss talking to her? or maybe dont give her a txt for a bit and see if she txts you or just txt her randomly sometime saying whats up and ask her how shes been, what shes been up to etc. good luck man:)

  10. naa north bay, but i love rolling down haight in frisco
  11. I shit you not, smileys are one of a girls biggest text annoyances right under shitty spelling. Yeah some chicks don't care, and if you use smileys for EVERYTHING it's no biggie. Srsly though, a very large majority of girls roll their eyes at this or sneer or just totally get turned off.

    Just google "guys using smiley faces" you'll see what I mean. Some ppl (sometimes even me) positively rage when this happens
  12. haha ohwell if chicks find that shit annoying its kinda pathetic imo i mean i just some freaking thing in a txt to show that your smiling

    and if a girl doesnt accept that or even gets pissed off at me for being myself then they're not really the type of girl i wanna be with anyway and id hope they grow the fuck up a bit and stop being so petty and drop a guy because of a simple thing like that haha. end rant :D im gonna go chill now :smoke:

  13. [ame=]‪Bitches love smiley faces‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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    ^^^ I lol'd

    It's more because we can't tell if he's being annoyingly flirty or just actually happy. No chick would drop a guy over it but the "how was your day :)" "So what're you up to :)" kinda ones are transparently flirtatious to the point of being annoying. It's just one of those things that irks a lot of chicks because guys seem to do it in EVERY text. "Dude, today was epic :)" on the other hand flies a bit better. Besides, the whole point of this was not to get your undies in a twist, but to give the OP some advice. He doesn't want to fuck it up with this chick, so better be safe than sorry and get creative.
  15. i dont mind when guys use smileys.. its when they use hearts that BUGS me..
  16. To me the winky face is the worst lol. Of course all of these affectations that are so bothersome are more forgivable once you're actually in a relationship with them. Then it can be cute.

  17. haha dont worry i wasnt getting my undies in a twist it just kinda seemed like a broad generalization, i get where your coming from tho everyone has pet peeves and there is overdoing it. better to be safe then sorry yeah but then part of the fun i guess is taking a risk and putting it on the line and being genuine, in my opinion anyway :p, if it does get messed up and she doesn't like it just don't try and get hung up about it and move on, i mean really is she really worth it if she cant accept you for a simple thing you may do?

    just my 2cents peace
  18. Rasta's how to get some tips:

    * Send her a picture text of something she might relate to you guys did together. Like restaurant, club, whatever.

    * Be confident, women eat that up. If you cone off goofy and unsure it's curtains. Be prepared for "you're a good friend".

    * Maybe you guys like a certain band or heard a cool song together. Maybe be like "oh I heard Ho's by Pepper and it reminded me of you ::under your breath:: and I popped a chubby"

    Girl: "what?"

    You: "I said Oh now it's Kid Cudi"

    Just don't be cheesey. You got this, but don't be surprised if it doesn't get started because after all.... A different city is a stretch, realistically.
  19. i wound not taxt or face book her. she said she hates that right?
  20. There is a relationships forum for a reason. This isn't it. Scroll down on the main page until you find it.

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